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Jobs - Associate Editor

Position: Associate Editor

Location: Lagos, Nigeria (Remote)

Reference job code: 0120

Rhythm Media Group, LLC is seeking a pop culture expert to join its digital media department in the role of an Associate Editor. This individual will be responsible for the creation and curation of content on, and the Associate Editor must be very knowledgeable about Nigerian entertainment. In addition, this individual must have extensive contacts in the following sectors of the industry: film, television, theater, music, literature, fashion, and lifestyle. The ideal candidate for this role will need to be an empathetic and candid manager who is supportive of staff and is dedicated to growing their careers as well as They should be able to communicate through reports about the things that are working and the things that are not working, and to address the latter issues head-on and find solutions. This person should also speak the language of the internet and be witty and funny.


  • Write, edit, and publish website content (news articles, magazine content, reviews and previews, and other media related content).
  • Work closely with the editorial team on long-term and short-term content planning in the form of editorial calendars and content plans.
  • Participate in the curation of content sections of from a high level, ensuring content meets the company’s quality, promotional and marketing goals.
  • Participate in content brainstorms for developing ideas with editorial, social media and video production teams.
  • Schedule and manage freelancer content through entire workflow of assignments, delivery, and publishing.
  • Facilitate the guidance of content development and editorial direction across editorial team, external resources and with other departments.
  • Help develop editorial plans and research topics as needed to aid in editorial content for


  • A degree in Communications, English or Marketing is preferred. Not limited to these, though.
  • 10 to 15 years’ experience writing and editing for an established newspaper, website, or publication.
  • Intimate knowledge of the Nollywood brand, its major players, and its history.
  • Experience in working with a distributed team in multiple locations, as well as working with remote freelancers.
  • Ability to multi-task and work on several projects at once.
  • Knowledge and expertise in web-based publishing, content management systems and content creation tools, including Adobe Photoshop is a plus but not a requirement.

To apply, send curriculum vitae, a cover letter that includes a statement of purpose, and a professional portfolio to

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