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Jobs - Reporters / Writers

Position: Reporters (Original News)

Location: Lagos, Abuja, Enugu,  Kano, Nigeria (Remote)


Rhythm Media Group, LLC is seeking entertainment reporters to join its digital media department. In this role, these individuals will be responsible for driving editorial on through their original and exclusive reporting. They will book and interview major newsmakers and coordinate coverage with other sections of the Digital team and be responsible for writing and editing their stories for the publication. The Nollywood Reporter (TNR) is looking for people who have excellent news judgment and a clear understanding of the publication’s audience. They should be proactive in quickly responding to breaking news while also working on longer-term projects. In addition, these driven, competitive reporters must hold the entertainment industry to account. There are a lot of rocks to turn over in Nollywood and the ideal candidates should be relentless in their desire to shine a light on whatever they find regarding everything Nollywood.


Category A (Reference job code: 0050): Reporting on films (1 position)

Category B (Reference job code: 0060): Reporting on television (1 position)

Category C (Reference job code: 0070): Reporting on music (1 position)

Category D (Reference job code: 0080): Reporting on theater (1 position)

Category E (Reference job code: 0090): Reporting on Entertainment Business (1 position)

Category F (Reference job code: 0100): Reporting on celebrity news (1 position)

Category G (Reference job code: 0110): General Entertainment Features (1 position)



  • Report on original and exclusive stories, with the goal of driving the conversation and news coverage daily.
  • Conceptualize and execute original and exclusive reporting, including long-term projects when possible, conducting interviews.
  • Gather elements and coordinate production with Associate Editor, News editor, and technical staff.
  • Multitask on tight deadlines in a high-pressure environment


  • A degree in Mass Communications, Film Studies, English, Theatre, Music or any other disciplines. Candidates must have flair for writing and nose for news.
  • 1 to 4 years’ experience writing for an established newspaper, website, or publication.
  • Intimate knowledge of the Nollywood brand, its major players, its history, and associated industry.
  • Ability to multi-task and work on several projects at once.
  • Knowledge and expertise in web-based publishing, content management systems and content creation tools, including Adobe Photoshop is a plus but not a requirement.

To apply, send curriculum vitae, a cover letter that includes a statement of purpose, and a professional portfolio to Please indicate reference job code in your application.

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