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It is an epic set in ancient Oyo Empire
August 29, 2022
7:39 pm

Movie: Anikulapo

Network: Netflix

Release Date: September 30

Director: Kunle Afolayan


Streaming giant, Netflix, in conjunction with Kunle Afolayan Production (KAP) and Golden Effects Pictures is building up anticipation for the next big streaming blockbuster by dropping the trailer for Anikulapo. The movie is the second release of a three-feature venture deal struck between Kunle Afolayan and the company in 2021 to produce a historical drama, a folklore drama, and a character drama, all set in Nigeria.


Before the trailer dropped on Aug. 15, it had tongues wagging as far back as December 2021 when Afolayan acquired a 40-acre land where the movie will be shot. Fast forward to July 2022, in a slew of posts on Instagram, he transparently shared photos and videos of the making of the movie, taking fans on a behind-the-scenes cinematic journey.



The movie is set in the 17th-century Oyo Empire and tells the tale of a young man whose ambition, lust, and greed push him to make bad decisions that lead to his untimely death.


Speaking about the epic, the award-winning director and producer said that his thought process was to create a “Game of Thrones recreated in Nigeria but with a better representation of our culture.” Given this bold comparison to the record-breaking HBO series, fans all over social media couldn’t contain their excitement because salacious and suspenseful themes, mixed with rich Nigerian history are a recipe for streaming gold. With Afolayan’s Midas touch, this movie is bound to be nothing short of perfection.



Anikulapo is backed by a talented cast of Nollywood and Hollywood actors like the incomparable Sola Sobowale, the Hotel Rwanda star Hakeem Kae Kazim, Fathia Balogun, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, and Taiwo Hassan.


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