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“Bank Alert” Review: A Comedy of Chaos and Currency

Join Sammy Okereke in “Bank Alert” for a chaotic, comedic journey as sudden wealth sparks misadventures and unexpected alliances.
December 20, 2023
1:24 pm
Bank Alert

“Bank Alert” unfolds as a comedic drama with a captivating plotline. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Sammy Okereke discovers (Okey Bakassi), the financially strained protagonist, discovers a staggering 500 million Naira in his bank account. This event injects suspense and intrigue into the narrative, especially when the rightful owner comes calling.


Amid this pandemonium, the protagonist, Sammy Okereke, teams up with the frenzied characters of Sugar Rush and Ololade. The three musketeers form an inadvertent squad of financial mis adventurers desperately seeking refuge.



Directed by Akay Mason (Day of Destiny), the film brings a fresh perspective to the sudden wealth trope by blending suspense with well-crafted humor. Unlike Sugar Rush’s convoluted third act, which mars its initial brilliance, “Bank Alert” impressively complements its simple yet delightful storyline with seasoned actors and a solid screenplay.


The film navigates a tale of hardship, conflict, fortune and misfortune seamlessly as the drama of chaos disrupts the lives of its characters. Notably, Okey Bakassi convincingly portrays Sammy Okereke, a financially beleaguered ex-banker wrestling with debts and family responsibilities.



While the film momentarily falters in a prolonged scene, it recovers as Okereke’s dormant bank account is activated, unveiling the substantial sum. The well-developed characters allow the actors to believably inhabit their roles, with the supporting cast elevating the film beyond a typical comedy drama.



Lucky Emmanuel Igbomor’s screenplay weaves uncomplicated plot twists and amusing dialogue as the films maintains brisk pacing that ensures a consistent engaging experience. Collaborative efforts between the father (Taiwo Hassan) of one of the film’s characters, Jade, and Jantamanta, head of a local vigilante group, contribute to the film’s realism and suspense.


“Bank Alert” flirts with intensity and a cat-and-mouse dynamic between Modestus and Okereke but veers toward playing it safe. Visually, the film excels with dynamic cinematography that captures tension and excitement, complemented by a soundtrack blending Afrobeats and Igbo’s Ogene. These enhance key moments, which intensify the overall viewing experience.


Bank Alert poster

Release Date: November 24, 2023

Runtime: 1hr and 50 minutes

Streaming Service: None. Cinematic Release

Director: Akay Ilozobhie

Cast: Juwon Agboola, Taiwo Hassan, Victory Eyong, Oli Ekun, Okey Bakassi, and Uzor Arukwe

TNR Scorecard:


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