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Bluehouse Studios Releases Trailer For “I Hate It Here”

This trailer pulls the trigger on the impact of domestic violence.
November 27, 2023
6:24 pm
i hate it here poster

To shed light on the heart-wrenching consequences of domestic violence and the scars it leaves on young minds, Bluehouse Studios releases the trailer for the upcoming film titled “I Hate It Here.”


Directed by Dammy Twitch and produced by Blessing Uzzi, “I Hate It Here” takes the audience on an emotional journey, delving into the world of a young girl who grows up in a family where violence is the order of the day. The film walks into the mind of the young child, unraveling the different emotions felt by a child stuck in an unpleasant place.


By bringing attention to this important topic, this film will shine a light on the evil that domestic violence does, and the role religion and society play in shrouding it.


The film wields the weapon of a stellar cast, featuring Nse Ikpe-Etim, Mr. Macoroni, Tiwalola Adebola Walter, Toyin Oshinaike, and many more. Their intriguing performances seen through the trailer give hope of an exceptional cinematic experience.


A Dammy Twitch film

As anticipation builds for its release and the date remains unknown, we look forward to using this film to raise awareness about the scars that children bear as a result of domestic violence and to empower individuals who are bruised by it.


To view the trailer and get pumped for the film’s release, click here


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