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“Breath Of Life” Is Tale of Renewed Drive and Purpose

The film was selected for the 12th Edition of The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).
November 12, 2023
7:40 pm
Breath of Life poster

In a world where hope is tested and relief is sought, prepare to embark on a profound cinematic journey that will leave you inspired as “Breath Of Life” launches globally on Dec. 15 on Prime Video.


This is an emotionally poignant film that explores the transformative power of purpose.


A man who has lost his way in life and his connection to his purpose now struggles with feelings of hopelessness. Weighed down with doubt and disillusionment, he finds himself adrift in a sea of uncertainty. However, fate has a peculiar way of guiding us toward the people who can change our lives, even when we least expect it.



He crosses paths perhaps by chance, with a young man and this encounter becomes a turning point in his life.


Directed by BB Sasore, the film which is set in 1950s Nigeria is starring Wale Ojo, Chimezie Imo, Ademola Adedoyin, Eku Edewor, Sam Dede, and Genoveva Umeh,


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