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An allegory of a house divided on set in diverse ways
August 29, 2022
8:28 pm

Movie: Brotherhood

Network: Cinema Release

Release Date: September 3

Director: None credited


Jade Osiberu in collaboration with Greoh Studios has released the official trailer for Brotherhood, the movie starring Tobi Bakre, Falz, Basketmouth and a host of other stars. It is the story of twin brothers on opposite sides of the law.


The official synopsis for the film reads: “After years of fighting to survive on the streets of Lagos, twin brothers Akin and Wale fall on opposite sides of the law with Akin joining the police force and Wale joining a notorious gang of robbers. Their bond is, however, put to the ultimate test when Akin joins a Taskforce that hunts down Wale and his gang,”


According to the producer, Jade Osiberu, the movie will premiere in 12 countries simultaneously. Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger Republic, Senegal, Congo, Rwanda, Gabon, Guinea, and Madagascar. Plans are also underway for an Abidjan debut.


The trailer promises high-stakes drama, and action and fans have expressed excitement for the movie.


Unfortunately, there seems to be trouble in paradise regarding the production team. Ugandan filmmaker Loukman Ali, who directed the film, recently disassociated himself from the project. He cited “creative differences” as the reason for his actions. Greoh studios have refused to comment on the development; no director is currently credited on the production.


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