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”CHAINS – No Longer A Slave” Explores a Gospel Artist’s Struggle Between Ministry and Industry

The Bright Wonder Obasi’s drama hits theaters on Aug. 16.
May 15, 2024
4:55 pm
CHAINS – No Longer A Slave
CHAINS – No Longer A Slave

Gospel Cinema International presents “CHAINS – No Longer A Slave,” an inspirational drama exploring the conflicts faced by a gospel music artist trying to balance his ministry with the harsh realities of the music industry.


Written, produced, and directed by Bright Wonder Obasi, the film follows a gospel artist who risks everything he has built over the years in an attempt to reconcile his spiritual calling with the pressures of the secular music world. All the while, he wages an internal battle against moral pitfalls that tempt all of humanity.


As the title suggests, the central conflict sees the artist determined to break free from the metaphorical “chains” that threaten to enslave him−be they industry demands, personal vices, or spiritual compromise.



The movie will star many popular gospel heavyweights, actors, music artists, and ministers, including Apostle Anselm Madubuko, Solomon Lange, Onos Ariyo, Chioma Odimba (Ccioma), Flora Solomon Lange, Apostle Tayo Christian, Naomi Mac Paladini, Anne Ekueme, Naomi Osemedua, and Yadah Agaga.


Distributed by Silverbird Film Distribution, “CHAINS – No Longer A Slave” arrives in theaters across Nigeria on Aug. 16, from the rising Gospel Cinema International banner.


The faith-based drama promises a captivating look at one artist’s quest to live authentically and freely in Christ.


Check out the trailer here.


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