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‘City of Dreams’ is the Underbelly of Faking It

“Fake it until you make it” is not always the best option because, according to this Nigerian movie, sooner than later, reality catches up.
June 3, 2023
12:37 pm

What is worse than a dreamer who thinks the city of Lagos is Utopia?


City of Dreams, the Nollywood movie, tells the story of James who comes into Lagos with hopes higher than Mount Everest but no sooner does he land in the city than his guitar gets stolen by the rider of an Okada he flagged down himself. Welcome to Lagos, James.


James is in for an even bigger surprise as he gets to his friend’s house. From this moment on, James slowly but surely realizes that his imagination of life in Lagos was truly an imagination and most of the people in the city are just ‘packaging’.


First of all, there is a disparity between the ‘fine house’ his friend posts on the gram and the house he actually lives in. James can’t even drink water to his satisfaction in this house because everything has to be managed.


Also, there is the very irritable ‘Baba Landlord’ whose tongue is sharper than the edge of a sword. This ‘Baba Landlord’ has the ability to talk a person into depression and he flexes this ability while incessantly asking for his rent which is not yet due.


City of Dreams is a movie with an interesting cast and a comedic storyline but that’s the only great part. However, for the latter, the storyline seemed rushed. It was like patched work done by a tailor’s apprentice.


There was no good progression from one scene to the other and it was obvious that not much work was put into the sound and its effect. This movie was not a pain to watch, but it could have been better.


Does James push through the disappointments to achieve his dreams or does he accept his fate as another contestant in this rat race? Find out.


Release Date: 2019.

Run time:1-hour 45mins.

Streaming Service: Prime Video (2023)

Director: Olumide Fadebiyi

Cast: Ninalowo Bolanle, Jide Kosoko, Charles Inojie, Sodi Ojewuyi, Kehinde Bankole, Toyin Abraham, Princess Denna.

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