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Dark secrets unveil in Shola Thompson’s riveting thriller ”Last Call”

Zainab Balogun Stars as OAP airing her dark secrets in gripping new thriller slated for a Feb. 2 release.
January 11, 2024
7:32 am
Last Call

Fast-rising Nollywood actor, Zainab Balogun steps into a different genre, displaying her versatility in the upcoming cinematic release “Last Call.”


Balogun plays an acclaimed radio host forced to publicly reveal her darkest secrets to save her mother’s life, during what was meant to be her farewell live show. This high-tension premise launches a gripping thriller centered on themes of truth and consequences.



This pulse-pounding idea was directly inspired by writer-director Shola Thompson’s own unsettling experiences taking late-night radio calls, often all alone at an isolated station.


As Thompson explains, “The inspiration is based on the awkward, unsettling and most times troubling phone calls I’d get hosting late night radio shows…and because of the timing, the realization that I’m all by myself and wouldn’t be able to get any assistance.”


Slated for a February theatrical debut across Nigeria, “Last Call” comes from writer-director Shola Thompson, making his major feature filmmaking debut. Best known for his TV work in both drama and comedy, Thompson explores a high-stakes story of an on-air radio confession gone awry.



Hauwa’s talent is put the test when she receives a call from a kidnapper during her last ever broadcast. His demand? That Hauwa reveals chilling secrets from her past before her listeners or he will end her mother’s life. What follows is a dangerous game layered with palpable dramatic suspense.


With the casting choice of Zainab Balogun as the lead, Thompson landed an ideal leading talent to manifest his vision. As he shares, “Zainab Balogun was an easy choice…She has that leading lady presence” and aptitude for emotional depth required for Hauwa’s complex arc.


Co-starring as key supporting characters are Valentine Ohu, Seun Ajayi, veteran actor Bimbo Oshin and Obi Maduegbuna. With unexpected twists promised to keep moviegoers guessing, “Last Call” takes audiences on an intense emotional journey capped by a satisfying payoff.



In building suspense, Thompson focused on shooting the film in real-time, noting “that helped amplify the tension.” Balancing humor and thrills, committed performances, and calculated editing all coalesce towards achieving the film’s riveting tone. Venturing from comedy and TV into taut thriller territory, Thompson’s filmmaking makes confident strides.


Touted as a “cinematic masterpiece” by producers Lanre Awolokun and Thompson, the film could cement the rising studio Cinefix Productions as a major player. Movie fans can look forward to top-notch acting and filmmaking on display when “Last Call” premieres across Nigerian cinemas on February 2, 2024.



Check out the trailer of the film here.


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