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Get an Exclusive Peek Behind the Scenes of “The Two Aishas”

Adedeji Abdallah Andu and Paul Utomi open up about the journey, cultural nuances, and collaborative efforts that shaped this Prime Video release.
May 1, 2024
5:42 am
Shushu Abubakar as Halimah - The Two Aishas
Shushu Abubakar as Halimah - The Two Aishas

The recent Prime Video release of “The Two Aishas” has brought the family drama into the global spotlight.


Led by stars Rahama Sadau and Maryam Booth, this Arabel Productions film offers a poignant exploration of faith, loyalty, and the unbreakable bonds between women.


In an exclusive look behind the scenes with the TNR team, co-producer Adedeji Abdallah Andu and actor Paul Utomi share their experiences and perspectives on bringing this powerful story to life.


For Andu, his role as co-producer involved overseeing various aspects of production while ensuring the project remained true to its artistic vision. “One significant challenge we faced was balancing cultural authenticity with universal storytelling to resonate with diverse audiences,” he explains. To strike this delicate balance, the team engaged closely with cultural consultants and collaborated extensively with the cast and crew.


Paul Utomi as Jamal Jibril - The Two Aishas
Paul Utomi as Jamal Jibril – The Two Aishas

Venturing into the production of an Islamic film like “The Two Aishas” within the Nollywood landscape was a bold step for Arabel Productions. Andu reveals that this decision was driven by a desire to diversify storytelling and provide representation for underrepresented narratives. “This aligns with Arabel Productions’ commitment to producing content that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria while resonating with global audiences,” he adds.


With a strong ensemble cast at the heart of the film, fostering a cohesive and collaborative working environment was crucial. Andu emphasizes the importance of open communication and an inclusive atmosphere. “Regular meetings, open dialogue, and team-building activities contributed to creating a cohesive and collaborative atmosphere on set,” he shares.


Actor Paul Utomi, who plays the role of Jamal Jubril, also shared his experience working with the talented group of actors.


Akeem Ogara as Ibrahim Yusuf - The Two Aishas
Akeem Ogara as Ibrahim Yusuf – The Two Aishas

“I found building a cordial relationship with Akeem, Maryam, and Rahama when the cameras weren’t rolling really helped nurture the on-screen chemistry,” Utomi revealed. “Working with them helped me understand the subtle nuances of traditional Islamic culture, as they were always willing to share their thoughts and perspectives.”


Utomi also praised the guidance of director IK Okechukwu, describing the experience as “pleasant and enjoyable.” He found the narrative structure to be “straightforward and enjoyable,” particularly the dynamic shifts between the two families at the center of the story.


With the film’s recent release on Prime Video, Andu believes the digital distribution strategy will significantly impact the reach and reception of “The Two Aishas.” “Prime Video provides a global platform for diverse audiences to access our film, thereby maximizing its potential impact and audience engagement,” he states.



Moreover, the film’s release coincided with the sacred month of Ramadan, a time when its themes of faith, family, and community resonate strongly. “The Two Aishas’ incorporates elements of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of faith, making it particularly relevant and poignant during this sacred time,” Andu explains.


As “The Two Aishas” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, it stands as a testament to the power of storytelling that seamlessly blends faith, cultural authenticity with universal themes, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.


“The Two Aishas” premiered on March 1,2024 on Prime Video.


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