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Guess Who Leads a Band of Thieves in “Charlie and the Boys”?

Flowing from the popularity of his past glory, Kanayo O. Kanayo returns to Nollywood with a heist to remember. Theatrical release was on Sept.22
September 23, 2023
6:10 am
Charlie and the boys

It has been a hot minute since we’ve seen Nollywood legend Kanayo O. Kanayo in a feature-length film, but he’s back and, this time, he’s not playing the role of a cult leader. Instead, he takes on the lead as a master thief and strategist, Charlie Fingers who’s back on the prowl after a stint in prison.


Joining him are two miscreants he befriended and, together, they hatch a plan to pull off the heist of the century. The reason? To settle a score with a friend who betrayed Charlie before he went to prison.


Joining Kanayo is Tina Mba, who plays the role of Officer Fashood, a relentless police officer who vows to put an end to Charlie’s plots. She is a thorn in the side of the thieves as she stops at nothing to make sure that they are caught and put in prison.


Officer on the hunt

Other cast members include Sani Mu’Azu, Seun Ajayi, Loud Voice, Erica Opia Bale, Lantana Ahmed, Gloria Lemmy Johnson, Folake Akinfewa, Ozioma Onodigbo, Fredrik Skog, Marten Skog, and Peter Sivler.


“Charlie and the Boys” was written by Nwamaka Chikezie and directed by Sele Got. Got and Bem Pever handled the film’s production, and the global distribution is by Tribe Nation Theatrical Distribution. It was shot in Abuja and Dubai.


A teaser trailer was first released in Dec.2022, followed by the official trailer a year later.


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