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‘Half Heaven’ Unravels Divine Tapestry Amidst Secularity

Scriptwriter and producer shed light on the inspirations, challenges, and transformative messages that shaped the exquisite tapestry of Half Heaven, a Cameroonian-Nigerian collaboration.
June 29, 2023
2:33 pm
Half Heaven

Step into the realm of Half Heaven, a perilous yet spiritually charged world. As we delve into the enigmatic depths of this captivating film, accompanied by its producer and scriptwriter who unlock their creative vision and unravel the intricate threads that make Half Heaven an unparalleled cinematic journey, one can only appreciate Half Heaven as a mesmerizing drama that takes audiences on a spiritual odyssey like no other.


Under the deft direction of Enah Johnscott, this recently released thought-provoking masterpiece delves into profound themes of faith, human connection, and self-discovery.


The story revolves around Pasteur Mignon (Seehofer Roland), a man of God, who is divinely “sent” into the perilous abode of Mboko. Driven by a sacred calling to spread the gospel and bring salvation to lost souls, our protagonist embarks on a challenging mission that tests his faith, exposes him to cultural clashes, and pushes the boundaries of his spirituality. The film boasts an exceptional ensemble cast, with Syndy Emade delivering a remarkable performance as Bisona, a street girl who becomes entangled in the protagonist’s transformative journey. Noteworthy contributions from Chidi Mokeme and Malvis Ann add depth and authenticity to the film’s narrative tapestry.


One half of heaven under the microscope

During an exclusive interview, I had the privilege of conversing with two brilliant minds behind Half Heaven: the producer, Carista Asonganyi, and the scriptwriter, Proxy Buh. Through their collective expertise and creative vision, they have sculpted a cinematic experience that should captivate audiences, delving into the realms of spirituality, cultural clashes, and personal transformation.


Throughout our conversation, they shared fascinating insights into the arduous journey of bringing Half Heaven to life. I inquired about the genesis of the concept and story behind Half Heaven, to which Carista responds, “As devout Christians, we were driven by our love for Christ and our desire to spread the Gospel in a fresh and innovative manner. We aimed to create a film that not only communicates the message of faith but also delves into important aspects of life such as resilience, obedience, sacrifice, and romance. We noticed that many Christian films fail to convey the right messages, so we set out to craft something distinct and impactful. Despite the challenges we faced, we are grateful for delivering the movie smoothly.”


Carista Asonganyi

Turning to Proxy, I asked what motivated him to be part of this project. He candidly replies, “Carista expressed a keen interest in creating a Christian film, and I embarked on a thought journey to explore how we could make it enjoyable even for non-Christian movie lovers. The question, ‘How do I infuse this with a sense of universal appeal?’ reverberated in my mind until the final word was written on the script. While a Christian movie wasn’t my first choice initially, I have a repertoire of storylines at my disposal. However, when Carista specifically approached me about working on a Christian piece, I knew this project had great potential. The logline wasn’t explicitly ‘Christian,’ but it provided the perfect platform to incorporate the main Christian message of love, which I personally deeply believe in, during the script’s development.”


Proxy Buh

Shifting the focus to the casting process, I inquired about Carista’s approach and the qualities she sought in the actors. Carista explains: “We were looking for actors who possessed both acting prowess and a Christian background. However, finding such individuals proved to be a challenge, as many turned down the roles. We faced several obstacles throughout the project. We reached out to churches for support and even approached renowned Cameroonian actors with Christian backgrounds, but they declined for reasons known only to them. Yet, through divine intervention, the right actors crossed our path. Syndy, in particular, exuded enthusiasm and grace in her role, never complaining despite the demands. The entire cast was wonderful, and when Ambe Ndango Job took on the role of Isa, it felt like God’s guidance was guiding us every step of the way.”


Curious about the challenges they encountered, I asked Carista to share one of them. She replied, “Mboko, the setting of the film, is modeled after a real and tumultuous region in Cameroon. The country is divided into English-speaking and French-speaking parts. Unfortunately, we had to shoot some scenes in the English-speaking region, which is currently experiencing unrest. As we filmed, the echoes of gunshots filled the air, and it was a genuinely frightening experience. However, the cast remained resolute and unwavering. Not a single person backed out of the project. Their dedication and commitment were truly commendable.”


Turning to Proxy once again, I inquired about instances where the script and story underwent significant evolution from the initial conception to the final version. He reveals, “Initially, the concept revolved around a romantic comedy featuring a pastor and a prostitute. However, when we decided to infuse the Christian message of love into the narrative, I felt compelled to dig deeper. I wanted to subtly convey that even those considered ‘filthy’ by society could possess inherent goodness. This conscious shift in perspective transformed the dynamics of the story, adding layers of complexity and depth.”


Chidi Mokeme on set

As our conversation drew to a close, it became evident that Half Heaven was a labor of love driven by a passion for spreading the Christian message while resonating with audiences on a universal level. Carista and Proxy’s unwavering determination, coupled with the unwavering commitment of the cast and crew, allowed them to overcome numerous challenges and deliver a film that transcends boundaries, ignites introspection, and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.


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