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“Higher Crime” Sheds Light on Injustice

Produced by Aniebiet Francis and directed by Uduakobong Patrick, the film premieres across Nigeria, Ghana, and French-speaking West Africa on June 14, 2024.
June 2, 2024
5:54 am
Keppy Ekpenyong - Higher crime
Keppy Ekpenyong - Higher crime

“Higher Crime,” an anti-rape drama from Amazing Arts Entertainment, will debut in cinemas on June 14, 2024, across Nigeria, Ghana, and French-speaking West Africa.


Aniebiet Francis, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the 2019 hit “The Final List,” shifts from comedy to drama with “Higher Crime,” tackling the urgent issue of sexual assault within families. In her social media announcement, Francis described the film as “a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of speaking truth to power,” encapsulated in the poignant tagline, “Not all silence is golden.”


Enwongoabasi Ibom - Higher crime
Enwongoabasi Ibom – Higher crime

The film follows Tife (Enwongoabasi Ibom), a tenacious blogger who uncovers the harrowing story of a woman’s sexual assault, and this discovery sparks a fierce legal battle with Jeffrey (Femi Branch), a powerful philanthropist.


Branch, who recently received critical acclaim for his recent villainous role in Disney-Kugali’s “Iwaju,” delivers another compelling performance as Jeffrey, while Akintola, famed for her work in “93 Days,” plays his devoted yet unsuspecting wife.


Keppy Ekpenyong, a revered Nollywood veteran, takes on the role of Jeffrey’s lawyer, utilizing his political connections to try and silence Tife. Folashade Abimbola, a newcomer to the scene, plays Ruby, another victim whose story intertwines with Tife’s quest for justice.


Higher crime
Higher crime

Directed by Uduakobong Patrick and produced by Aniebiet Francis, the film features a stellar cast led by Femi Branch, Bimbo Akintola, and Keppy Ekpenyong, alongside rising stars Enwongoabasi Ibom and Folashade Abimbola.


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