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Inside “Minee” With Kezy Kome, Lead Actress and Producer of Minee

“Kezy Kome Takes on Dual Role in Crime Drama ‘Minee,’ Released on November 3rd.”
November 27, 2023
7:28 pm

Nollywood is experiencing a dynamic shift as actresses embrace the dual role of actors and producers, wielding their creativity to bring compelling stories to the big screen. Recent months have seen luminaries like Sandra Okunzuwa, who both starred in and produced the enchanting “Something Like Gold,” and the versatile Samuel Perry, known as Broda Shaggi, who brought us the heartwarming “Love in a Showroom.” These talented talents have added a vibrant chapter to Nollywood’s story, infusing it with a breath of fresh air.


Among these stars is Kezy Kome, a name that’s still relatively new but is already making waves with her passion and dedication. Renowned for her captivating performance in films such as “The Chance,” Kezy Kome has ventured into uncharted waters by not only portraying the lead character but also taking on the role of producer in the compelling crime drama, “Minee.”


“Minee.” This thought-provoking masterpiece, released on November 3rd, delves into the depths of societal injustice and the chilling underbelly of organ trafficking.


At the helm of “Minee” is the visionary director and producer, Richard Omos Iboyi. With a stellar cast that includes Daniel Etim-Effiong, Ireti Doyle, Segun Arinze, Priscilla Okpara, Ayo Adesanya, Kevin Ikeduba, and others.


In this exclusive conversation with The Nollywood Reporter, Kezy Kome shares her unique insights, experiences, and the creative journey that brought “Minee” to life, while also highlighting the exceptional cast and director that contributed to the film’s excellence.


TNR: To kick things off, could you please tell us what initially drew you to the role in ‘Minee’?

Kezy Kome: Minee was my story to begin with, I came up with the concept of two girls growing up in the same home, experiencing the same trauma but they decided to deal with the pain in a different way. One chose to make positive decisions while the other couldn’t move past the trauma, so she made a lot of bad decisions.


So, playing Minee was fun and intriguing because I studied the character so much so that I became Minee. Minee’s story became Kezy such that when you see the movie you will think it’s a true-life story that actually happened to me.


What unique challenges and highlights did you encountered during the filming process?

The most challenging part of playing Minee was translating the script that was written in English to pidgin and to be honest I am really good at speaking pidgin English but when it was time to speak that with no option of English!! It became harder than I thought. Also becoming a bus driver, I had to learn how to drive a real bus as I didn’t want to do a make belief acting and I had to study bus drivers by watching YouTube clips of true-life situations of how bus drivers interact with their environment.


The film sheds light on the issue of organ trafficking, why do you think it’s an important topic to address in today’s society?

The issue of organ trafficking couldn’t have come in a better time because it’s becoming a trend these days in Nigeria where families would do anything to make money, boyfriends killing girlfriends, runs girls being carried by men and eventually killing them so they can sell their organs in the black market so relating that Minee we wanted to shed more light into organ trafficking because the most victims are the vulnerable in the society, people that are gullible not in all cases though, people living in abject poverty are those who are likely to fall prey and Minee addressed all that,


What message do you hope the audience takes away from this aspect of the story?

I know life can be really hard in Nigeria because the economy is bad thanks to bad governance as such people would do anything to pay their bills, but I feel we can try to go against all odds and do other menial but decent jobs that won’t put our lives in grave danger. So, our hope is that someone watch Minee and learn a lesson from it. It could save someone from being killed.



Working alongside a talented cast, including Ireti Doyle, Daniel Etim-Effiong, and others, can you tell us about the synergy and collaboration among the actors on set?

Wow I am speechless when it comes to the talented and super stars I was privileged to work with. It was mind blowing because each actor brought their A game. And they made life super easy for a new actor like me. There was no time I felt out of place, zero judgment. They were all professionals. I was so damn lucky working with all my crushes if I may say.


Were there any memorable moments during the filming?

Ireti Doyle is an actor I deeply admire. The mere thought of sharing a set with her, acting in the same scene, and at a moment when she declared, “These girls are inspiring me; let’s finish the scene,” remains etched in my memory. This remarkable incident occurred well past midnight, with Ireti exhausted after enduring more than 18 grueling hours on set. Initially hesitant, she rallied, insisting that we press on, inspired by our commitment. Her words felt like the highest form of endorsement from my idol.


Then there’s Daniel Etim, whose humility knows no bounds. He flawlessly portrayed Minee’s boyfriend, and his interpretation of the role was nothing short of seamless. Monica Friday, my pidgin tutor extraordinaire, brought an unmatched fervor to her performance. Bayray showcased her A-game as my sister, leaving a lasting impact. Norbert Aiskhia, a cherished friend, embodied the character Bashy in an extraordinary way, exceeding all expectations. Anthony Monjaro, a sweetheart both on and off set, radiated down-to-earth professionalism. And how could I forget Segun Arinze, who portrayed my father? A true veteran, he lightened the atmosphere with his infectious humor, no matter how tense the situation.


Each actor was meticulously chosen, and I can confidently say that I had no regrets. Our time on set was riddled with countless unforgettable moments, a testament to the camaraderie and dedication that brought “Minee” to life.


What was it like working with director Richard Omos Iboyi on ‘Minee’? Can you share any unique insights into his vision for the film and your collaboration with him?

Richard Omos Iboyi stands as the most exceptional director/producer I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with. He pours his heart and soul into every aspect of his work. His boundless creativity is nothing short of extraordinary. Jeeez, he epitomizes patience; no matter the circumstances, he remains unflinchingly composed. I’d eagerly work with him repeatedly. He’s my go-to for directing and producing. Briefly, if I reach the pinnacle one day, he’s the one I’d want as my manager. He truly deserves the accolade for the best director/producer in the category.


As a producer, you played a crucial role in bringing ‘Minee’ to life. What inspired you to take on this dual role, and how did your involvement in production shape the overall direction of the film, both creatively and logistically?

I’ve had a passion for acting since my teenage years. I even earned my first degree in Theatre Arts in Nigeria. However, I didn’t get the chance to act during my time in school. I always knew that someday, when the stars aligned and I was in the right place in my life, I would pursue my dream as an actor.


Fast forward to 2021, I took a significant step by enrolling at one of the world’s finest institutions, the Vancouver Film School in Canada. There, I dedicated 18 months to a full-time program in advanced acting for film and television. By December 2022, I was armed with the skills and determination to take on the world of acting.


But I understood the challenges of being a newcomer in Nollywood. I was unfamiliar to the industry, and living outside Nigeria made it even more challenging to establish myself gradually. That’s when I made a bold decision to partner with my friend, Abiola Obadina. She had also attended the Vancouver Film School, focusing on special makeup effects for a year. Together, we embarked on the journey of producing a movie.


I recognized that as a beginner, few would believe in me. However, I knew that to gain experience and become an expert, I had to keep taking chances on myself, repeatedly. On set, I embraced my role as an actor, leaving the other aspects of production in the capable hands of Director Richard. He advised me to concentrate on my acting to avoid any judgments based on my dual role as the executive producer, and I heeded that advice to focus on my craft.



As an actress, you often bring characters to life. Could you share a scene or moment from ‘Minee’ that was particularly challenging or emotionally resonant for you, and how you approached it in your performance?

I am someone that is always happy, I mean 98% happy, life of the party, nothing is do or die for me so being Minee there were scenes that I needed to be vulnerable and cry but oh boy!!! I don’t cry so it’s my biggest weakness and a challenge as an actor. I struggle to get to that point so I had my friend Monica Friday use my late mum’s death may her soul continually rest in peace to get me there and when I did! The scene was phenomenal.


In an industry undergoing constant transformation, talents like Kezy Kome are setting new standards, not only gracing the screen but also leading the charge as producers. Minee” is still lighting up cinema screens, you can catch a glimpse here.


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