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Mad House is House Minus Mad, And It Lacks the Vigor of Chaos

The title of this movie is suggestive of what is absent in the very film
August 10, 2022
10:19 am

Infidelity is the order of the day for two different married couples. Their happiness is short-lived when a third party tries to expose their “madness”.


Alero and Richard are married. Bisi and Dash are married as well. The two couples are neighbors. Their cheating spree extends to one another. On the verge of being exposed by Efosa, they must do his bidding financially and materially. Tensions heighten when the demands are choking. For how long would they keep their extramarital affairs a secret?


Mad House tells the story of marriages and how too many cooks spoil the broth when it comes to cheating. Most importantly, it is a pointer to how each party in a marriage accuses the other party of cheating when he or she is guilty of the same thing. It just proves that each cheating party would want the other to be faithful and this is what we see in most marriages.



There are more reservations than commendations for this movie, though. The storyline is very familiar and predictable. It is not something out of the ordinary. In simpler words, the movie didn’t live up to its title. There isn’t really something “mad” about the house because we’re used to what happens in the “house” in today’s society. Mad House is not a movie one should take seriously. It appears like one of those movies we see on African Magic or Asaba Nollywood movies. It would’ve been better if the storytelling took a different turn to “wow” the viewers. One burning question from the movie is: how could the signs of cheating be very conspicuous, and the parties concerned still act surprised when the truth is unveiled at the end? This scene was unbelievable but considering it was African Magic in the cinema, it was believable.


The acting was another sorry part of the movie. Whilst some of the actors brought their A-games, some looked like they just woke up and started acting. A commendable act was that of Nosa Rex. He plays the role of Efosa in the movie. His pidgin vibes were dripping in humor and firmness. His character makes the movie interesting to watch. As predictable as the movie is, it is only fitting that boredom would come in, but his character sort of kept things in place.



Mad House bears a storyline we’re conversant with. This cinema movie is recommended for persons who love and watch African Magic movies and wouldn’t mind a predictable plot.


Run time: 1 hour 21 minutes

Director: Chinneylove Eze

Cast: Onyi Alex, Mofe Duncan, Charles Billion Pius, Nosa Rex, Etinosa Idemudia.

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