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“Mwabi” Is An Unfiltered Portrayal Of The Challenges Of Albinism

This Zambian film is coming to Netflix on Aug. 27.
August 26, 2023
6:17 am
Mwabi on Netflix

In Zambia lies a story that has long been shrouded in myths, misconceptions, and discrimination. “Mwabi” is a film that seeks to shed light on the untold challenges faced by people living with albinism in Zambia, illuminating their journey of hope and self-discovery.


Directed by Kenny Mumba and executively produced by Lawrence Thompson, ‘Mwabi’ tells the story of resilience.


It follows the captivating life of a young child born with albinism, a condition characterized by the absence of melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. From a tender age, he is confronted with the harsh realities of his condition in a society plagued with ignorance and prejudice.


“Mwabi” presents an unfiltered portrayal of the deeply entrenched cultural beliefs and superstitions surrounding albinism and the grave dangers to people who live with the condition.


Looking piercingly through the night in Mwabi

The visually stunning cinematography creates a striking contrast between the vibrancy of Zambia’s rich culture and the struggle faced by those with albinism.


While exploring the challenges unique to Zambia, the film also delves into the broader theme of discrimination faced by individuals with albinism globally.


This film promises to bring light to the lives of individuals with albinism in Zambia and the world, providing a voice for the marginalized community and challenging societal norms.


Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and inspired as “Mwabi” hits Netflix on Aug.27.


7 thoughts on ““Mwabi” Is An Unfiltered Portrayal Of The Challenges Of Albinism”

  1. I would hope that this film was about a time very very long ago. I can’t believe that In this day and age these people are so far removed from modern day information about albinism.

  2. Love this movie…watched it three times this morning already. So inspiring for people that have felt rejected in life. With rejection comes greatness!!! Thank you


    I’ve seen this movie everyday. since it started. First time I saw it brought tears to my eyes what a precious little boy and a very handsome young man do not treat people or how they look but how they treat you.i would like to meet this young man.and the song that that you sang when the parents passed away beautiful I would love to hear him sing that song entirely 🥰🥰💟💟💖💖

  4. This film broke my heart a little bit and I cried! The words spoken by the wonderfully loving stepfather couldn’t be more true! This is film is a message of strength and endurance through the worst case scenario. I love the victory in the end, it definitely made me cry! I watched it twice. The little girl who played young Joseph was phenomenal!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. I watched this film and felt a flood of emotions. Joseph was such a beautiful child. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s definitely a must see. If you have a heart, you won’t be disappointed. This movie was well written and all the actors played their parts so well. I’ll be watching it again soon.


  6. “CanYou See Us?” is an incredible work. The actor that young and old Joseph an Sharon are very talented. The sound track is magnificent and I too would like hear the complete song by Joseph at the parents funeral. I’ve been looking for the soundtrack for to purchase.

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