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Netflix Teases with the Trailer for ‘One More Time’

The film is set for global release on April 21.
April 9, 2023
9:21 am
One More Time

Netflix has released the official trailer for the dramedy movie One More Time. The film centers around Amelia (Hedda Stiernstedt) that gets stuck in a time loop, destined to relive the same day repeatedly. One More Time launches globally on Netflix on April 21, 2023.


About One More Time

When 40-year-old Amelia (Hedda Stiernstedt) is hit by a truck the night of her birthday she wakes up back in 2002, on her 18th birthday, with the chance to relive her best day and make her life the perfect vision of what she’d intended it to be. But when she realizes that she’s stuck in a time-loop, destined to relive the same day repeatedly, she decides to figure out what she needs to fix in order to literally leave the past behind and return to the present day.


One More Time is written by Tove Forsman and Sofie Forsman (Young Royals, The Playlist) and directed by Jonatan Etzler who won a Student Academy Award for the short film Get Ready with Me. One More Time will be his feature film debut.


Swedish slice of life

Directed by Jonatan Etzler

Writers Tove Forsman and Sofie Forsman

Original idea Mikael Ljung

Developed by Sofie Forsman, Tove Forsman and Mikael Ljung

Produced by Eleonor Sager

Starring Hedda Stiernstedt (Beforeigners, The Restaurant), Miriam Ingrid (Beartown), Elinor Silfversparre and Maxwell Cunningham.

Production Company Breakable Films



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