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Netflix Transforms Screens With “Supacell”

A man crosses timelines to save his love in this superpowered Romantic game.
March 22, 2024
7:07 am

Michael is a happy guy. He has a house, a car and is ready to settle down. His girlfriend is not elated as she cannot see a future without him. However, in that future, she dies.


“Supacell” is a science fiction series created by British-Nigerian Andrew Onwubolu, known as “Rapman”. It follows the people of London who are suddenly gifted with superpowers that make them targets for a super powerful being. This results in chaos. Amidst this chaos, Michael must save his girlfriend from death in the future.


“Supacell” gives a new feel as it weaves through the complexities of love, sacrifice, and power. As Michael fights to save his girlfriend from imminent death in the future, he must join forces with the previously regular superhumans to defeat the forces the forces of time and evil.



Does Michael beat time and evil? Does he save his girlfriend? What becomes of his happy conclusion? Find out when “Supacell” comes to Netflix this June.


Get ready to have your lives transformed by a series that promises to up the superhero game. Starring in this series is a powerful cast including Tosin Cole, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Calvin Demba, Josh Tedeku, Adedayo Adelayo, Rayxia Ojo, Nadine Mills, and Giacomo Mancini.


To get a glimpse of this supernatural goodness, click here.


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