An emotional musical likely a pacesetter
August 29, 2022
8:18 pm

Movie: Obara’m

Network: Cinema Release

Release Date: August 26

Directors: Kayode Kasum and Dare Olaitan


Obara’m is a musical feature starring Nancy Isime and Nkem Owoh, and the film is one of Nigeria’s first ever musicals. It is an emotional story about Oluchi, the protagonist.


The official synopsis reads “After the death of her estranged father, Oluchi, an up-and-coming musician is forced to confront her true self and past mistakes. She reconnects with her daughter who she abandoned at a young age through their love for music. However, the echoes from the past, greed and bad decisions, spring from every corner threatening to bring them down.”


Obara’m has been in the works for the past seven months and the entire cast has only good things to say about working on the project. In a behind-the-scenes video, Nancy Isimi shared that she couldn’t stop crying while reading the script.


“I like to describe Obara’m as a story filled with soul. From the minute you pick it up till the end, you don’t even want to drop it. It’s such an emotional story and so much fun,” she said.


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