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Osas Ighodaro: A Changed Destiny

Nollywood was not on the horizon in 2012 when she arrived in Nigeria, but she has now made it home
September 12, 2022
11:55 am
Courtesy of TGN

“I was meant to stay in Naija for just 6 months and here I am, ten years later,” Osas Ighodaro wrote on her Instagram post as she marks 10 years in Nigerian entertainment industry.


To celebrate her decade of recognition and excellence in the industry, she made a dance video titled “wata wata,” which is a music mix of “Water no get enemy” by Fela Kuti, “Wata” by Juls Ft. Randy Valentine, and “Water” by Beyoncé Ft. Pharrell Williams and Salatial. Why the use of water as a dominant motif? “For me, the element of water encapsulates a beautiful representation of my time in Naija so far; my flow, my fight and my freedom,” she says.


Osas Ighodaro is a Nigerian American who moved to Nigeria in 2012 with plans of returning to the US after six months. However, she secured various acting roles and has stayed back in Nigeria since then. She is a phenomenal actress who blesses the screens with her perfect diction, curvy body, adequate delivery of her roles and an outpour of emotions when necessary.



In celebration of Ighodaro’s decade in the entertainment industry, TNR recaps of some of her exceptional roles in movies in no order:


‘Namaste Wahala’

When you think Ighodaro is all about emotions – crying profusely and laughing loudly or being an extremely nice person – Namaste Wahala proves that this young lady can be manipulative, conniving, all-up-in-your-face annoying and stirs you to do your worst. Picture her as a lawyer with all these qualities. Dangerous is the word.



‘Bad Comments’

She portrays the same attitude here but, this time, she is more intentional about it. Here, Ighodaro can be likened to an animal in the cat family that strikes when the coast is clear, which is after watching closely and understanding the movement of her prey. Ighodaro appears as a saint and strikes when no one is watching. Her role takes us away from the she-can-never-hurt-a-fly kind of girl until it happens.



‘Mama Drama’

This movie x-rays the possibility of surrogacy in marriages and how it is an answer to childlessness. Ighodaro steps out from playing a single lady to playing a married woman who would fight tooth and nail for her child.



This is the part where you raise your glasses up for the queen. This movie is majorly in English and Igbo languages, and Ighodaro speaks Igbo in the movie. However, the Igbo is not perfect coming from someone who is American born and of Edo origin, but it is a great attempt, and it does not sound like she is struggling with it.



‘The Smart Money Woman’

This series x-rays four friends on a journey to manage their finances whilst showing their personal lives. Ighodaro is such a romantic in this series. Her acting would make you wish she ended up with her lover in real life.



‘Man of God’

Say hello to Pst. Mrs. Osas Ighodaro. She plays a pastor’s wife in this Netflix original movie, and she embodied the idea that hell has no fury like a woman scorned.


Can you name your favorite movie of Osas Ighodaro in the comment box? Kindly state why as well.



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