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‘Saving Onome’: Inkblot Productions Presents a Tale of Love and Sacrifice

The film, which hits cinemas on April 5, 2024, marks Nancy Isime’s first film project of the year.
March 22, 2024
7:30 am

“Saving Onome,” is a compelling drama that delves into the depths of parental love and sacrifice.


The film, which reunites the film production house, Inkblot Productions, and the TV host, Nancy Isime is directed by Dimeji Ajibola, and executive produced by Inkblot co-founders Chinaza Onuzo and Zulumoke.


In “Saving Onome,” viewers are transported into the heart of Lagos, where the lives of two devoted parents are forever changed by the illness of their daughter, Onome. Faced with the daunting challenge of securing life-saving surgery for their child, the family embarks on an emotional rollercoaster filled with heartbreak, resilience, and unwavering determination.



The film, which Janobest Isaac pens, interrogates love, family bonds, and the extraordinary measures ordinary people take in times of crisis with a stellar cast including Nollywood veterans Keppy Ekpeyong, Femi Jacobs, and Ashionye Michelle Raccah, alongside rising stars Olumide Oworu, Mary Lazarus, and Kelechi Udegbe.


Known for their successful collaborations on previous projects like “Superstar,” “Love In A Pandemic,” and “The Set Up 2,” Isime and Inkblot continue to captivate audiences with their unique chemistry.


Nancy Isime embarks on her first film project of 2024 with “Saving Onome,” following a string of accolades and achievements earlier in the year. Recognized as the Nollywood Trailblazer of the Year at the Silverbird “Man of the Year Awards” and acknowledged by YNaija and EbonyLife Films as one of the 100 most influential contributors to Nollywood’s growth and greatness, Isime’s star continues to rise in the industry.



“Saving Onome” invites audiences to join the family’s emotional journey as they navigate love, loss, and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. Don’t miss the chance to experience this tale of resilience and redemption when it arrives in cinemas on April 5, 2024.


Check out the trailer here.


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