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“Tarot” Creates an Atmosphere for Frightening Excitement

With a skilled ensemble, Sony Pictures’ latest horror film guarantees to enthrall viewers with its eerie ambiance and compelling storyline.
April 22, 2024
10:03 am

The supernatural thriller “Tarot” will premiere only in cinemas on May 10.


The film was initially named “Horrorscope,” but it was changed, in a last-minute decision, to a title that aligns more closely with its main idea: The story of college friends who must outsmart death’s countdown after breaking the sacred Tarot rules.


“Tarot,” directed by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg, and adapted from Nicholas Adams’ novel “Horrorscope,” features a skilled ensemble including Harriet Slater, Avantika, and Jacob Batalon in leading roles. Adain Bradley, Humberly González, Olwen Fouéré, Wolfgang Novogratz, and Larsen Thompson all add depth and intensity to their roles on screen.


The film’s trailer effectively displays the eerie and atmospheric visuals that viewers can anticipate, preparing them for an exciting and frightful cinematic experience. Although the plot may be similar to other supernatural horror movies like “Ouija,” the unique visuals and captivating storytelling ensure a modern interpretation of the genre.



“Tarot” is labeled under the production of Leslie Morgenstein, Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, and Scott Glassgold, with Andrew Pfeffer, Scott Strauss, Anna Halberg, and Spenser Cohen serving as executive producers.


“Tarot” is set to mesmerize horror enthusiasts when it debuts on the big screen in May.


Watch the trailer here.


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