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‘The Man for the Job’ Departs from the Norm

Mysteries, heist, and technological jargons mix to elicit laughter.
September 22, 2022
9:58 am

A brilliant engineer helps a young recruit solve a tech problem, but the resultant effect of that help causes the loss of huge amounts of money for the tech company. The loss is a necessary evil orchestrated by another, but the consequence of that action lies on the man for the job.


The Man for the Job portrays the tech space in Nigeria combining it with a mystery and heist. With the ongoing heist, they must find who is stealing from them. The search uncovers mysteries, and this complicates matters in the process. The movie is set in the city of Lagos where fintech companies are making waves.



The Man for the Job, written and directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, deserves some accolades. The director steps away from the usual theme in Nollywood to give Nigerians something different. Akinmolayan’s previous works range from The Prophetess, Elevator Baby, The Setup 1, The Wedding Party 1 and a host of others. Most of these movies are a comic relief, which is not out of place because Nigerians love a movie that helps crack their ribs. Whilst The Man for the Job doesn’t crack ribs, it will still push people to watch because people love a mystery movie. This time around, the mystery is interwoven into tech. The fact that The Man for the Job revolves around the tech space makes it exciting. The niche is not the conventional place in Nollywood, and it does a good job in bringing home the narrative.


There is a lot of tech jargon in the movie. Conversations revolving around machine language, codes, debugging and the likes. One may think that only tech gurus would understand and resonate with what the movie is about, but that is not the case. Someone who is an amateur or a dollophead at tech will still understand the movie perfectly. This is because a viewer may not know exactly what a certain tech term stands for but, with its usage in the movie, it clears all doubts. The Man for the Job is most likely to spur in the viewers the need to gain tech knowledge and start earning seven figures. The goings-on about tech being a money well is true after all.


Ini Edo

The masquerade ball scene is very eye-catching. A scene expected more often in Hollywood movies, and one may think it is not a thing in Nigeria. Apparently, The Man for the Job has proven that it is a thing in Nigeria. That scene blends with the perfect song. It is an on-stage performance, and it fits the atmosphere.


Commenting on the acting of the children in the movie is of great importance. The two kids, Ivie and Chiji, played by Bliss Salami and Muna Nwogu respectively, depict great acting. They do not sound like they crammed the lines and do not act like puppets. They delivered their roles as kids, and it is quite commendable. It is not every day one gets to see great acting from kids. Nosa Rex always has a way of inciting humor in all his roles. He does the same in this movie. His character gives a little comic relief. Just a little.


Temi Otedola

The mystery in the movie gets confusing at some point. There is a lot happening at the same time; too many flashbacks to catch up with. This may cause a viewer not to get a hang of the real reason for the act of theft in the movie.


The Man for the Job is worth anybody’s time. It gets more interesting for someone who is into tech. The movie is highly recommended.



Streaming Network: Prime Video

Release Date: April 29, 2022

Run Time: 2 hours 1 minute 51 seconds

Director: Niyi Akinmolayan

Cast: Uzor Arukwe, Ini Edo, Ibrahim Suleiman, Ali Baba, Temi Otedola, and Nosa Rex.

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