The Razz Guy

The Razz in Razzmatazz? You Have to Watch to Know!
August 9, 2022
3:28 pm

Movie: The Razz Guy

Network: Netflix

Release Date: August 12


With a cast that comprises comedic giants Broda Shaggi, Frank Donga, and Lasisi Elenu, this movie is a must-watch because it is nothing short of hilarious. Though it made its cinematic debut in March, it is making its worldwide debut on the streaming giant, Netflix and it is highly anticipated. An ill-mannered senior executive gets handed a new lot in life when his speech is altered from English to Broken English due to a curse placed on him by an office cleaner. To make matters worse, he has been assigned the task of securing an international business merger for his firm. He must find a way to lift the curse by any means necessary before it costs him the deal and his job.


Cast: Nobert Young, Ireti Doyle, Broda Shaggi, Nancy Isime, Lasisi Elenu, Tina Mba, MC Lively, Bucci Franklin


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