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TNR Recommends! 5 Movies to Binge on This Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly indeed because there is no better time to be alive than in December when the mood is light, and everyone is excited about the one holiday that unites family and friends: Christmas!
December 6, 2022
7:22 am
Falling for Christmas

What other thing unites a family? Movies! Christmas movies on or before Christmas morning are a rite of passage in every household and with the plethora of movies out there, one might be confused as to what to watch and where to watch it.


Luckily, TNR has compiled a list of movies that are available on streaming services this holiday season. So, gather around with your family, grab a family-sized bowl of popcorn, and enjoy these movies that would put you in the Christmas spirit.


Falling for Christmas (Netflix)

It may have taken a decade, but Lindsay Lohan is back, and she makes her long-awaited return to Hollywood on one of the biggest streaming services this year. She plays an entitled heiress who gets into a rather unfortunate skiing accident that causes her to have amnesia. Amid her crisis, she finds love in the arms of a good Samaritan named Jake (Chord Overstreet) and realizes the importance of humility, family, and of course the Christmas spirit.


Christmas Ever After

Christmas Ever After (Showmax)

Yes, it is another cheesy romance movie, but no matter how oversaturated they are, you must love them. They make you giddy inside and make you want to fall in love or fall in love again if you already have a boo. This movie is about a romance novelist who, because of a lack of inspiration and her editor pressuring her for a revision of her latest holiday-themed book, takes a quick vacation to her favorite lodge in Silver Springs. There she meets a borderline handsome man who gives her all the inspiration she needs. As the story always goes, they become friends, then lovers, and she, apart from finishing the revision and publishing the book, writes her own love story with fresh eyes.


The Year Without a Santa Claus

The Year Without a Santa Claus (Youtube)

This is a holiday classic for the kids. Produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, this stop-motion animated movie, narrated by Shirley Booth, tells the story of how Santa caught a cold before Christmas morning and decided to not deliver gifts to awaiting children. Of course, this made him sad and he doubted if people still believed in Christmas, but through the help of Mrs. Claus and a few elves, his doubts are clarified and he resumes his duties of delivering gifts and spreading holiday cheer.


A Naija Christmas

A Naija Christmas (Netflix)

Superstar film director and producer, Kunle Afolayan, known for breaking boundaries and shattering records in Nollywood, produced the first Nigerian Christmas movie on Netflix. A Naija Christmas is a heartwarming romantic comedy (again) about an aging mother who challenges her sons to marry and bear her grandchildren before Christmas. To give them the right incentive, she promises to will her house in Ikoyi to the first son that brings her a daughter-in-law.

The movie stars Kunle Remi, Abayomi Alvin, Rachel Oniga, and Efa Iwara.


A Madea Christmas

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas (Amazon Prime)

The Madea franchise is a household name, and this movie marks Perry’s first venture into directing and producing a holiday-themed movie. Though knocked down by critics, it is still a Christmas cult classic that blends all the elements of love, family, and comedy. You can’t help but love Madea for her antics and how she delivers classic reads of people in her signature southern accent. This movie is a must-watch this holiday season.


What other holiday movies do you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments section.


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