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‘Unforgivable’: What We Know About the Movie

With mere days to go, this heartfelt tale on rape and court antics has started picking up steam.
July 19, 2023
3:06 pm
Regina disturbed by what a witness is saying

June was a packed one for Nollywood with releases such as The House of Secrets, Obara’M, Ijakumo, Yahoo+, and Hotel Labamba and with high-end movies like Sanitation Day and 2 Weeks in Lagos, July isn’t dulling either.


Amongst this avalanche, one would be forgiven to skip Unforgivable, a movie that looks to be slipping under the radar.


Slated for release on July 28, 2023, it follows the narrative of Edafe (played by Timini Egbuson), a young man facing life imprisonment on account of raping his fiancée, Regina (Nancy Isime).


There are some very interesting aspects and twists to the plot one such being that the accused influential father, in a bid to shield the family name from ridicule, hires the most-renowned lawyer in rape cases to represent the son only to see the latter defend himself because –hold your breath– the lawyer happens to be the son’s ex!


Edafe dumbfounded by testimony in court

Fans of Timini would surely anticipate his take on the typical playboy who prides himself on his ability to woo any girl of his choice and get under her skirt –although you’d have to watch the movie to find out if his character actually did what he is accused of. Timini Egbuson himself has had a pretty tight schedule also starring in Big Love and The Kujus Again.


Besides Timini and Nancy, the ensemble boasts a rich brood of talented, new, and recurring faces such as Mercy Isoyip, Jude Orhora, Joseph Momodu, and Moses Nwosu.


In a chat with TNR, the man helming this project, Osezuah Elimihe, discusses what’s to come.


“With Unforgivable, you will be positively stunned at the way the rollercoaster ride finally lands you. We doubt if a better movie is out there much right now. It is worth your time and money. I guarantee you”, he says.


When asked about the creative process behind it, the director had this to say about his debut:

“It took us years to be able to do this in spite of pockets of intense hardships and sustained social intolerances here and there, but our love for something special and different loaded with entertainment and human values with faith in ourselves and trust in our gifts brought us here. We are grateful to our investors who trusted us with their hard-earned money to do this even when we had no track record on this line. We put in our level best without taking the viewers and cinemagoers for granted. If there is any flaw in this movie, and there are a lot, it’s not because we were disrespectful of them, it’s because in spite of our know-how, best efforts and commitment, Murphy’s Law had to play its role. But next time we will be better prepared”.


Even lawyer is concerned in Unforgivable

The convincing trailers and the positive reaction by the lucky few who were given an exclusive chance to see the movie at a preview in Lagos last month suggests that it would be worthwhile and have no problem reaping good financial returns. In Timini’s words, missing out on this wild drama of love, hate, trauma, and good ol’ court drama would be “unforgivable”. We hope he’s not wrong.


Watch the trailer of Unforgiveable here.


Release Date: July 28, 2023

Distribution Company: Blue Pictures

Platform: Cinema

Director: Osezuah Elimihe

Stars: Timini Egbuson, Nancy Isime, Sunday Aaron, Moses Chukuwudibia, Mercy Isoyip, Jude Orhora, Joseph Momodu. Moses Nwosu, Osasu Esemuede, Linda Igwe, Alloysius Onyejegbu, Anthonia Okojie, Emeka Okoye, Kokoette Omoinyang and Ijeoma Richards.


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