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Watch Out for the A.I Cinematic verse of “The Creator”

Mankind fights to the death against the force of Artificial Intelligence. Who wins the war? The film will be released theatrically on Sept.29.
September 22, 2023
10:36 pm
The Creator Poster

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world, so it’s only right that a film is being made in its honor. “The Creator” promises a dystopian future where mankind fights against the forces of artificial intelligence.


John David Washington takes on the lead role as Joshua, an ex-special forces mercenary charged with the task of eliminating The Creator, which is an elusive being that has developed a tool that can end the war and mankind itself. He enlists a team of mercenaries and as they go on the hunt, they realize that the tool is actually not a tool at all. It’s a child.


Joining Washington on this tech-heavy adventure is a host of Hollywood’s finest: Gemma Chan, Ken Watananbe, Sturgill Simpson, Allison Janney, Ralph Ineson, Ralph Mechaca, Veronica Ngo, and Madeleine Yuna Voyles.



Gareth Edwards serves as the film’s director. He also co-produced the film alongside Kiri Hart, Arnon Michan, and Jim Spencer. Edwards is best known for his prolific works like “Godzilla,” “Monsters” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” The latter went on to be nominated for several Academy Awards at the 2017 ceremony.


Dubbed the “Oppenheimer of A.I” and “The Most Anticipated Film of September,” “The Creator” should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Watch the trailer here.


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