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A Journey of Multipotentiality and Growth

Luvly_simi demonstrates that true multipotentialities don’t merely find their niche; they carve their own unique path.
August 12, 2023
3:13 pm

I had the pleasure of meeting Luvly_simi a few weeks ago and, during our initial encounter, I expressed my desire to have a sit-down with her. True to her name, she was lovely as ever, graciously managing to carve out a portion of her incredibly busy schedule to meet with me.


Upon arriving at her charming apartment at Magodo Brooks, I was immediately captivated by its welcoming aura, which perfectly reflected the essence of the Magodo lifestyle. Not only was her living space charming, but her impeccable fashion sense also caught my attention. When she stepped out to greet me, she looked incredibly stunning in a captivating, patterned dress.


Luvly_simi, whose birth name is Jesutofunmi Similoluwa Soremekun, is a multi-talented individual, aged 23, with a diverse range of skills and passions. She is not only an influencer, but also excels as an actress, travel creator, blogger, model, and digital marketer. She also studied English at Covenant University. Originally from Ogun State, she brings a rich blend of talents and experiences to her endeavors.


Prior to our interview, I had read some parts of Luvly_simi’s blog, where she shared about her blogging journey, and how she started the entire writing process. “Thing is I had loved writing at an early age of 7, but never really put pen to paper until I got to the university. Even then, I felt kind of discouraged, because almost all of my course mates were already successful bloggers, while I was still trying to find my own niche.”


She further went on to explain, “Traveling has always been a significant part of my life, and it has become a prominent aspect of my journey through blogging. My family and I embarked on several journeys to different parts of the world, and each experience left me in awe and fascination. I couldn’t help but feel a strong desire to share these incredible adventures with others, particularly with my friends. However, as time passed, I noticed that my friends began to tire of hearing the same stories over and over again. It was then that I realized I needed a platform to express my travel experiences and life in general, without overwhelming them with my tales.



“I pondered, “Is there anyway or medium I could use to communicate with people, without directly speaking with them?” In a stroke of serendipity, I found the answer – blogging.”


She paused to smile, as if she was recollecting the very moment. “It happened on a Sunday afternoon, after church service, and I finally decided to pick up my laptop and just start typing. It was as if God had answered my prayers. Blogging provided me with the perfect outlet to share my travel adventures, reflections, and insights with a wider audience, without being repetitive, or imposing on others. It’s been a gratifying journey, and I feel blessed to have found this medium to share my experiences with the world.”


It’s no news that this talented individual has some experiences in acting. She once starred in a Web series titled “Love & Gossip,” directed by Tega Salubi, where she played office gossip. The role looked quite different from her personality, so as inquisitive as a journalist should be, I went ahead and asked her.


In response, she said: “I do believe I am a great actress, actually. Contrary to what most people believe, “Love & Gossip” was not my first venture into acting. During my time at Covenant University, I was an active participant in the theater group for the entire four years of my academic journey. This invaluable experience allowed me to hone my acting skills and develop a keen understanding of the craft.”


This seemed like a good subject for her, because she kept grinning from ear to ear as she recalled the memories of this project. “When I was offered the role of Mrs. Dayo in the series, I must admit that I was taken aback. This character was a departure from my usual persona – she embodied the office busybody, constantly chewing gum, and just maintaining an unkempt appearance generally. Initially, I hesitated, unsure if I could convincingly portray such a contrasting role. However, I chose to embrace the challenge and step out of my comfort zone.”


Luvly_simi went on to share on how she faced several challenges while trying to bring this character to life. “I vividly recall moments of frustration on set, particularly when it came to embodying my character’s fashion sense, or lack thereof. When I finally calmed down, I realized that in order to bring a character to life, you have to consider not just the acting, but the little things that make up the character.”



Beyond her flair for acting, she has also graced modeling with her presence, becoming the face of several renowned brands such as sofresh, Jumia, Twisters, OctaFx, Chipper, CloseUp, and Rida, among many others. I had the chance to uncover another layer of Luvly_simi’s multifaceted world. I inquired about her specialization in modeling – was it fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or something else?


With a self-assured grin, she unveiled a facet of her journey that had led her down a distinct path. “Ah, you see,” she chuckled softly, “I don’t quite fit into the realm of fashion modeling.” Her tone carried a mix of lightheartedness and acceptance, as if she had long made peace with this aspect of her journey. “It’s all about the height, or so I’m told. Apparently, I don’t quite measure up in that department.”


As she shared this, her hands playfully emphasized the notion of ‘measuring up,’ her eyes twinkling with a hint of humor. Her candidness was refreshing, as she spoke about a door that remained slightly ajar yet held no regrets. “If I happened to be blessed with those extra inches, who knows?” she mused with a smile, her hand held out as if to measure an imaginary height.


With her voice imbued with an air of determination, she shared, “But you know, I’ve found my place in other forms of modeling, where my height is not the main spotlight.”


As I listened to her, I marveled at her ability to navigate these twists and turns with grace, transforming potential roadblocks into stepping stones. Her words echoed in my mind as our conversation continued, a testament to the fact that true multipotentialities don’t merely find their niche; they carve their own unique path, embracing the journey just as much as the destination.



The question that danced on my lips was how she managed to harmonize this symphony of passions without missing a beat. As our conversation unfolded, her eyes gleamed with genuine interest as she unraveled her secrets to me. “It’s all about mastering the art of time management,” she shared with a confident yet approachable smile.


Her hands moved gracefully, emphasizing her point with every gesture. “Just as a painter delicately places each stroke on a canvas, I approach each stroke on a canvas. I approach each endeavor one step at a time.”


She referred back to her student days, where she was able to hone her ability to immerse herself fully in one project before transitioning into the next. “Back then, I had a lot of things doing, I remember I was once a tour guide, I had my blog, and of course, my academics. I just had to focus on one thing more than the others, depending on how important it was.


“And now, it’s no different,” she continued, “when it’s time to dive into the world of digital marketing, for instance, I channel all my energy into that realm, temporarily setting aside the other aspects of my life.”


As she spoke, her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, and her hands illustrated the ebb and flow of her method. It was clear that her journey was not just about time management; it was about savoring each role she embraced. Her expressions, a symphony of determination and passion, underscored her commitment to embracing every facet of her multipotentialite identity.


In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, where the allure of content creation and art beckons to the young and inspired, I sought Luvly_simi’s insights on advice she’d offer to those aspiring to tread a similar path. With an air of wisdom acquired through her own journey, she spoke with a mixture of earnestness and passion.



Leaning forward slightly, her eyes focused intensely as she began, “Honestly, my first piece of advice would be to follow your heart and do what genuinely brings you joy.” Her hands moved in a gentle yet determined gesture, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. “But, and here’s the thing, don’t let the excitement carry you away. Use your head, too.”


As she spoke those words, her finger playfully tapped her temple, underscoring the need for a balanced approach. “Content creation might seem glamorous, but let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park. It’s like any demanding job or investment,” she said with a knowing smile.


Recounting her own beginnings, her gaze turned contemplative. “Back when I started, I had a regular 9-5 job. I couldn’t just quit it on a whim to dive into content creation,” she stated emphatically, her hands miming the weight of her past responsibilities. “Content creation doesn’t yield instant riches. It’s an investment – a serious one.”


With a hint of nostalgia, she leaned back slightly as she continued, “I remember those early days, working relentlessly even before the money started flowing in. It took time to make a mark, so don’t let anyone paint a different picture for you.”


“Before you leap into this world,” she continued, “ensure you have a stable source of income,” her voice was firm, echoing the practicality of her advice. “It’s a field that can drain you, especially during the months when jobs are scarce. Some months, you’ll find yourself flooded with opportunities, while others might feel like a dry spell.”


Her expression turned earnest, her brows furrowing slightly. “Don’t hastily abandon a secure job for the allure of content creation. Be wise about it. Build a foundation of financial stability. Save,” she emphasized the word with a pointed gesture. “And if you’re fortunate enough to have a friend or family member who can provide financial support as you venture into this world, consider it a blessing.”


As she neared the conclusion of her advice, her face lit up with a radiant smile, her eyes sparkling. “When the time is right – when you have that financial cushion or support in place – then take the leap. Pursue your passion with all your heart, and remember, above all, to find joy in the journey.”



As our conversation took its final turns, I posed a question that hung in the air with an air of anticipation: “Luvly_simi, what’s next on your horizon?”


Her response was brimming with determination, carrying within it the echoes of her past victories and the promise of future growth. A contemplative smile graced her lips as she leaned in slightly, her gaze unwavering. “Well, I’m embarking on a new chapter – I’m heading back to school,” she revealed with a sense of purpose. “I see it as a chance to learn, to evolve, and to return as an even better version of myself.”


Her voice, steady and resolute, filled the room with a quiet energy. “You know, when I embarked on this journey, I often found myself faced with the word “no” from several brands. But I refused to be discouraged. Instead, I used those moments to fuel my growth. I worked tirelessly on improving myself, refining my skills,” her fingers traced an imaginary path of progress in the air.


Pausing for a moment, her eyes shimmered, a hint of reminiscence noticeable, “And then, within just a few months, I got positive feedbacks from several other brands, eager to collaborate. The difference? I had become better. I had become a stronger asset.


As she spoke, her demeanor radiated resilience, a reminder that setbacks could be catalysts for transformation. “And so, I am planning on embracing this cycle once more,” her words brimmed with a quiet enthusiasm. “I’m diving into my studies, immersing myself in the pursuit of knowledge.”


Her final words echoed with a sense of purpose and the anticipation of the journey ahead. “Rest assured, I’ll return – stronger, better, and ready to conquer new horizons.”


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