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ELOY Business Shower Quietly Empowering Women in Business

This extraordinary platform for networking and learning is empowering women entrepreneurs across Nigeria
July 31, 2023
5:56 am
Speakers at the event

In a world where opportunities for women in business are constantly evolving, one movement has emerged as a beacon of empowerment and growth: The ELOY Business Shower. Founded by Tewa Onasanya, this initiative is a testament to the unwavering spirit of thousands of women striving to reach new heights in their quest to achieve extraordinary success.


By providing access to essential resources, business skills, transformative tools, and financial aid, this remarkable initiative is reshaping the landscape for female entrepreneurs, fostering growth, transformation, and sustainability.


Onasanya successfully commenced the ELOY Business Shower in 2022, and nearly 4,000 women business owners registered, eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth. The movement has since expanded exponentially, with all registered women receiving unwavering support from the ELOY Awards Foundation. This foundation offers vital business solutions, serving as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of the business world.


Dr Tewa Onasanya

The impact of the ELOY Business Shower is not limited to a single region. Across five states—Lagos, Delta, Anambra, Kano, and Osun—500 women have been empowered, defying boundaries and transforming their dreams into reality. Through this movement, women from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations are granted equal opportunities to thrive and prosper.


With over 111 business owners forming the vibrant ELOY Foundation Network, the movement has created a thriving community of collaboration and shared knowledge. Within this ecosystem, women gain access to entrepreneurial training programs, networking opportunities, and vital information on affordable finance. By equipping women with the tools, they need, the ELOY Business Shower is fostering a culture of innovation and resilience.


This year, in a remarkable display of support and empowerment, the ELOY Business Shower, hosted by the Eloy Group in collaboration with First Bank, firstly commenced at the prestigious Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce in Lekki Phase I in Lagos state. The event drew together a diverse and enthusiastic crowd, eager to celebrate the achievements of women in business and gain valuable insights from industry leaders. With an array of seasoned speakers and an atmosphere filled with anticipation, the ELOY Business Shower proved to be an extraordinary platform for networking, learning, and empowering women entrepreneurs.


Some of the guests at the Eloy Business Shower

The event commenced on a high note with a series of remarkable speakers who left an indelible mark on the attendees. Abiola Adediran, the visionary founder of Midridge International, took center stage as the opening speaker. Her words resonated with the audience, igniting the spark of motivation and setting the tone for an empowering experience.


Tewa Onasanya, the founder of ELOY, exuded infectious happiness and a contagious positivity that immediately uplifted the atmosphere. With her powerful and moving speech on “Cultivating The Mindset for Success,” she captivated the minds and hearts of the audience. The attendees were undoubtedly inspired and took away invaluable lessons from her presentation.


Ifeoma Uddoh, the CEO/Founder of Shecluded Limited, Africa’s pioneering female-focused Fintech company, graced the stage next. Her presentation focused on the utilization of technology and social media to enhance sales and marketing for business owners. As she passionately shared her expertise, the audience was captivated, hanging on her every word. The insights and strategies she shared undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the attendees.


Sissy Onigele

The unforgettable moment arrived when Tale Alimi, CEO/Co-Founder of Owoafara, took the spotlight, radiating an undeniable aura of confidence and expertise. No speaker quite matched her commanding presence. Engaging in a panel discussion with Onasanya, Tale shared her remarkable business journey, leaving the audience awestruck and motivated. Her story served as a testament to the possibilities that lie within each entrepreneur, reminding everyone present that success is within their reach.


Yetty Ogunnubi was next, delivering a captivating presentation titled ‘Enhancing Brand Visibility for Small Businesses’. As the CEO/Founder of The YD Company, a dynamic Public Relations firm, Ogunnubi passionately discussed strategies to establish brand recognition and maximize visibility for business owners and their products.


Subsequently, Gabriel Chukwu, representing the Innovation Growth Hub (IG Hub), enlightened the audience about the potential of ‘Leveraging Meta Technologies for Business Growth’. His insightful talk shed light on the effective utilization of popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and particularly Instagram, to expand audiences and foster positive engagement.


During the event, the esteemed partner of the business shower, FirstBank, made a brief but impactful appearance. They took the opportunity to enlighten the audience about a remarkable loaning plan tailored specifically for female business owners, known as FirstGem. The FirstGem Fund Scheme, initiated by FirstBank, is a commendable initiative aimed at providing gender-based support through single-digit loans for women in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This program is designed to empower women entrepreneurs by assisting them in meeting their working capital and asset finance needs. For further details regarding this beneficial scheme, interested individuals can visit FirstBank’s official website, where comprehensive information is available.


The event reached its pinnacle with an exhilarating game show. All business owners and service providers were required to bring their products or business cards, ensuring eligibility for an exciting raffle draw. Following the submission of their cards and flyers into a bag, six fortunate women were randomly selected to participate in a show-and-tell segment, where they pitched their products to the audience and shared their aspirations if awarded the grand prize of 100,000 naira.


The four random business owners

Amongst these exceptionally talented individuals, one remarkable woman named Sissy Onigele emerged as the star of the show. Sissy presented her business concept, centered around popularizing traditional attires, particularly the Yoruba head ties known as “gele,” within a resource-limited rural community. Her compelling pitch garnered widespread admiration, and the entire room erupted in jubilation as she was announced the winner, instantly receiving a prize of 100,000 naira. It is worth noting that the other participants’ products were equally exceptional, and each of them was recognized with a well-deserved reward of 20,000 naira.


During the event, some of the speakers truly exemplified their kindness. Ogunnubi went above and beyond by generously giving away a free three-month subscription to The YD Company to three lucky audience members, as well as offering a complimentary consultation call to approximately 15 people. It was a remarkable act of generosity on her part. Likewise, Onasanya made a kind gesture by sharing three copies of her popular book titled “Rule Your Mind,” and Abiola Adediran also contributed by distributing some books to the attendees. The event was truly graced with their acts of goodwill.


In conclusion, the ELOY Business Shower is a transformative force, igniting the potential within women and paving the way for their success. By dismantling barriers and providing essential resources, this movement is reshaping the landscape for female entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive, grow, and leave a lasting impact. As the ELOY Business Shower continues to empower and inspire, the world can only anticipate the remarkable achievements and breakthroughs that lie ahead.


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