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Ini Brown Creates Intimacy on Canvas. Dance. This is Africa

The maverick king of watercolor recently showcased his recent masterpieces in Abuja, but the visual feast is still online
August 9, 2022
11:41 am

I once described Ini Brown’s paintings as visual poetry 26 years ago. Almost three decades after, the audio-visual effects of his works are still overwhelmingly unique. His mastery of hues, his audacious sublime strokes, and the creative smoothness of his watercolors and acrylic on canvas are a celebration of his absolute dedication to his art.


“Watercolor is my passion. The freedom and the spontaneity of the medium, coupled with its translucency and fluidity, provide ample expressive opportunities for me,” he says.


Ini Brown manipulates canvas and colors to create intimacy. Through this, he makes maverick statements that chronicle life in contemporary African society with pristine motives. In Moods & Habitats II – Recent Masterpieces, Ini Brown evokes a purity and beauty that one could only find in the midst of serenity.  Thus, in this collection, strokes and hues become emblematic of cacophonous modernity in an embrace of rustic nature, which then gives an African society its meaning.



“My themes and subject matter are wide, and they have varied over time. Nevertheless, for some time now, I have mirrored everyday life. My iconography is, therefore, from their tradition and culture,” Ini Brown declares.


Beyond that, Ini Brown speaks to the imagination with his brush strokes in a way that resonates with every art lover.


“Most of my art is representational, and I am an impressionist. My style is synonymous with light and colors. Though my lines are naturalistic, my colors are nonetheless symbolic: they express feelings and emotions. Besides, I like the Hellenistic. Thus, a few of my works are non-representational as I, sometimes, interplay just shades and colors,” he reveals.



Ini Brown’s distinct lines that he encircles in occasional riotous abstractions speak quietly to the soul. However, a stunning silence drums a rhythmic melody that consumes an art connoisseur or a nonprofessional with the spirit of dance. Dance. This is Africa!


Ongoing Online Exhibition: Visit


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