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Adekunle Gold Regrets Writing “Ready,” Fans Aren’t Having It

For a man who has shown workings with songs like “Sade,” “Orente” and “High,” Adekunle Gold’s penmanship have never been in doubt.


So it came as a shock when the singer, in response to a fan’s question about his most regrettable song, nominated “Ready.”


“I wanted to replicate the success of ‘Pick Up,’ so I made the exact sound, just a different story and till today it haunts me. In fact, I don’t perform it for that reason,” he tweeted.



But fans weren’t having it and voiced out in the comments.


Abisola Babatope was among the first to chime in when he wrote: “Ready is sweet sha, na you know wetin you dey talk.”


@omokehinde___ was also not in the mood for entertaining any “Ready” slander: “No ‘Ready’ Slander will be allowed here. What are you saying? no vex me abeg”


@eniturn wasn’t having it either: “Ready wey dem use sleep with me? Please behave yourself Kunle”


@SimpleTeeh went as far as threatening incarceration: If no be say na you sing Ready, them suppose lock you up, cuz what????


@HonestyNwaeke pleaded: “Omo, me I like “ready” ooo. Don’t regret writing it abeg.”


@melosoj couldn’t believe it: “Wait, shey my own jam abi which ‘Ready’ Kunle dey talk?”


@freshdebut5 warned stylishly: “Big fish… No vex me o

‘Ready’ is the best song you have ever released”



If these reactions are anything to go by, it’s that an artiste’s perception and self-critique song doesn’t always correlate with the audience’s. To Adekunle Gold, “Ready” was a botched attempt at replicating a successful formula. To fans, it was the creation of something special.


It mirrors the story of Burna Boy’s “Last Last,” where the singer emotionally laid down his heartbreak that became a dancefloor favorite, or Belgian singer Stromae’s “Papaoutai,” a song about a missing father that turned into an anthem.


In both cases the intention was overshadowed by the listeners’ interpretation and enjoyment, giving weight to the old saying that the consumer – or in this case, the listener – is always right or has the final say.


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