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‘Anikulapo’ Engenders War of the Sexes

Anikulapo, ranked Top 10 on Netflix, seems to have cultivated the habit of hugging the limelight. Not just that, its penchant for ruling the airwaves also manifests through a measure of controversy.


Not long ago, it was the star attraction in the saga that engulfed the Nigerian Official Selection Committee for the Oscars when its decision was made public.  And now, Bimbo Ademoye, who is Arolake in Anikulapo, is pumping up the volume by courting more controversial takes.


On Instagram, she asked her over two million followers to engage in a war of the sexes. Call it a diatribe, and your bet could likely swoop on a jackpot.  What is eating Arolake up?


Here she goes: “Guys, quick question. Who is the victim [sic] SA or AROLAKE? Because I’m seeing some tweets. Saying fear women. Fear women howwwwww? So over to you guys. If you feel Arolake is the bad guy pls comment “fear women” If you think it is sar. Pls comment men are scum.”


The queen

Her prodding, which has elicited almost 142,000 responses, has an array of colorful followers pontificating with their ‘Daniel has come to judge’ air. Nonetheless, some took a middle path, which seem to be logical.


@tokamcbaror says, “That Saro guy is a perfect example of how so many men will actually turn out to be, it takes a lot of discipline not to change after grabbing the power to raise the dead. So, in my view Arolake is the victim but Saro is a victim of circumstance. (Absolute power corrupts Absolutely).


However, @oludeleosunrinde thinks both characters are as guilty as hell. “Both of them need to be feared. She leaving the king to run away with a stranger. She having the boldness to say she will steal the Kings [sic] treasure just to run away with a man says a lot the need to fear women. Saro not been [sic] trustworthy and just thinking about himself says a lot why you need to tread carefully with a man and be sure he is who he claimed to be.”


Saro and Arolake

So, who would you say the “bad guy” is:  Arolake or Saro? Share your views with TNR, and its readers in the comment section. You can add your reasons. You might just win a prize.


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