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DJ Cuppy Has Been Very Busy Lately

Suffice to say, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, known by her stage name, DJ Cuppy, is Nigeria’s most famous DJ.


While being the daughter of one of the world’s few black billionaires could easily define her, Cuppy has ensured it doesn’t. Instead, she’s carved out her own path, engaging in philanthropic activities and, for the most part, staying firmly in the limelight—unlike her more reserved sister, Temi.


And lately, Cuppy’s work rate has been outstanding. How so?


Dj Cuppy - Women in cinema
Dj Cuppy – Women in cinema

Well, three days after a girl-to-girl conversation over brunch with Tessy Ojo and other like-minded women, she graced the Cannes Film Festival on May 21, then jetted off to London to present the Global Young Achiever and Global Sustainability awards at the Princes Trust Awards days later.


A cordial invitation to Buckingham Palace saw her have an audience with the British Royal family and King Charles, as an international ambassador.


Dj Cuppy
Dj Cuppy

To cool of her recently acquired royal steam, she took a “short” trip to the south of France for the Monaco Grand Prix.


Despite these acts of service and vacationing, DJ-ing remains at the top of her hobbies—though her expensive booking rates, which she jokes are higher than her beats per minute, might say otherwise.


If her founding of the Cuppy Foundation and philanthropic escapades says anything, it’s that Cuppy is not just spinning records but also spinning positive change.


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