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“It’s Official! Kate Henshaw is Aging In Reverse!”

When Kate Amaka Henshaw-Nuttal posted her Easter message on X (formerly Twitter), which came via a 44-second video with the caption, “Happy New Month to my authentic X followers. Blessings all through this month…,” she probably might not have envisioned one of the very first replies to be a request for her de-aging cream.


In the footage, Henshaw appears vibrant and youthful, dancing in a lively green, tassel skirt paired with a chic hairdo.



But, on the other hand, it’s safe to say she fully expected it. It’s hardly the first time her age-defying looks have sparked curiosity and admiration, with netizens jokingly inquiring about her “reverse-aging” regimen for pretty much the last two decades


A lot has been said about Henshaw and her fine wine-styled aging, that it may seem boring at this point. But with each passing picture, and each newly-released video, we are once again reminded just how graceful and blissful one can age. Some fans affectionately dub her “Sweet Sixteen,” paying homage to her enduring youthfulness.


Here’s an ad of Kate modeling for Shield Deodorant in…1990.



Thirty four years later, Kate looks like she never left 1990. Naturally, it got tongues wagging on how she does it (methinks with Doctor Strange’s time stone).


“34yrs ago and you still remain the same. Are you ancient of days? Ah! You must tell me the secret oo or I sue you” – @NwekeRapha55762


“34 years ago and you still fine pass that, we need to test ur blood ma”- @Emi_bibe



“I have heard of people doing rituals to renew the source of their wealth, Kate abeg wetin you dey do to take renew your age” – Anthony Dibie @ighotasha


“You see why I dey call you Vampire abi…You have been like this since Domitila days” – @Ossy_Genesys.


“God rest his soul. I think his name is Ademola Kuku. But you still haven’t give us this vampire cheat code Abi the agbo” -@Ayoappeal


Capturing the awe and humor of the Henshaw’s phenomenon was Dr. Olawale Ogunlana, who exclaimed–as if in terror–“It’s Official! Kate Henshaw is Aging In Reverse!”


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