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Rema Announces Collaboration With Selena Gomez

RRema recently announced a new collaboration with American singer, Selena Gomez and unlike what the song says, no we are not going to calm down.


This collaboration is the remix of Rema’s single, ‘Calm Down’ and it will be coming to a streaming platform near you this Friday, Aug. 26. Originally released in January, the song quickly garnered 100 million views on YouTube and it turned out to be one of the most famous hits from his debut album “Raves and Roses.”


Now, it seems he is aiming for international recognition with the help of Selena Gomez. Pictures and videos of the two circulated on social media which sparked rumours of a potential collaboration. This was later confirmed when Selena posted a teaser of the remix on her social media.



The teaser featured a clip of the two artists excitedly greeting each other with kisses backstage at his Raves and Roses world tour. The clip went viral and numerous fans speculated that a romantic relationship was brewing between the two.


There’s an age gap of eight years between the two so that seems very unlikely. Also, this announcement has proven those fans wrong. I guess working on a project together allowed them to develop a friendship.


Selena Gomez has stated that she is “so excited” for this release. You and me both, Selena!


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