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Richard Mofe Damijo’s Latest Outfit Takes Fashion to New Heights–Literally!

“Felt cute. Might save the world later”


Actor. Writer. Lawyer. Journalist. Philanthropist.


Richard Mofe-Damijo goes by many titles. But it seems the famed Delta-born Nollywood veteran recently added “master of the mystic arts” to the bunch.


One only needs to glance at his latest outfit for the 8th edition of the Emy Africa Awards held in the Ghanaian capital, Accra to embrace this notion.



The towering collar is giving Dr. Strange and has RMD looking like he just flew out of Hogwarts with a first-class degree. At any moment, he might start levitating and punch through the roof.


The $5,000 2-piece costume, the product of Ghanaian fashion designer Elikem Kumordzie, equally evokes memories of Count Dracula seeing as the collar took “aim for the skies” quite literally.


If both the Dark Prince of Romania and Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme were invited to a 2023 award show, styled by Donatella Versace, this is probably how they’ll arrive.


The comments on RMD’s post were predominantly positive.


Notably, popular comedian @broddashaggi humorously suggested that:

“Boss…Na to wear this cloth go Jupiter after today o.”


Somehow, Asake found himself in the discourse when a fan @meakstitches commented:

“Asake them don give you new looks for you.”



However, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm, as seen in a shared post by RMD and designer Elikem, where opinions turned less favorable. Some fans criticized both the outfit and RMD’s stylist, finding it unconventional and not suitable for RMD’s distinguished persona.


Just like Asake, Kanayo O. Kanayo, the on-screen king of you-know-what found himself in the mix when @ehimarex remarked:

“Looks like an occultic costume, would make sense for one of Kanayo’s movies.”


This stark contrast from the earlier post makes one wonder if there are truly two sides of the internet.


Irrespective of where you stand on this outfit, you have to admit that it undeniably piques curiosity. Such controversial designs are, sometimes, precisely what designers aim for. The lines between fashion and space attire have been blurred thanks to designers like Gucci and Versace.


As for RMD’s “saving the world” date, we’ll be waiting patiently. Maybe he really does have some world-saving to do. Who knows, we might witness a figure flying through the skyscrapers of Marina or the Lagos suburbs. If that happens you can count on us to be the first to report such an extraordinary sight.


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