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Simi Is New, Simi Not So Cool, But Gold is Good

If you like to keep up with the Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter, Simi, you’ll know that it’s not unusual for her to share unfiltered images of herself and her family on social media. However, recently, she shared a makeup-free selfie of herself on her Instagram feed and looked absolutely stunning in it.


A few days after, she took to Facebook to share pictures of her on vacation. In these pictures, she’s posed in front of the camera in a bikini and fans are not loving it.



The comments rolled in almost immediately and they are a mix between body shaming, slut-shaming and just good ol’ perverseness’.


One user wrote: “This is half nakedness. God help this our generation where private areas as become public and they see it as norms. Some idiots will want to attack those saying the truth…fake generation with no dignity.


Our ancestors walked around naked with leaves so we’re not too sure this is a GenZ problem.


Another commented: “But wait, na person wife be this abi wetin? All in the name of acting… it’s a shame. Nonsense.


There’s no need to blow a gasket because her husband, Adekunle Gold, clicked the like button on these pictures. With that gesture, TNR is pretty sure he doesn’t care about all that flesh.



Whilst a third string of comments read: “There should be an app that removes clothes from bodies,” says one post. Another person reveals, “My neighbour don zoom this picture since yesterday tire” and a third seems to salute the singer’s hygienic features, “Shaved and clean


TNR doesn’t know about you, but these comments rank very high on our creep-o-meter scale.


These comments all share an overarching theme of random strangers trying to enforce purity culture on the singer and it’s very clear that Simi is unbothered. She has not replied to any of these comments and has since gone on to share even more bikini pics. Iconic.


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