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So, Bimbo Ademoye is Scared of Heights?

Bimbo Ademoye has become a household name after starring in Aníkúlápó, one of the highest-grossing Nigerian films of 2022. Her talent spans all genres, from action thrillers down to comedy, and she’s such a delight to watch on screen.


Her latest appearance is in the Amazon action flick Gangs of Lagos. The film has been on the tip of everyone’s lips since its release on Apr.7, and it has even been dubbed “The Movie of the Year” by ecstatic fans who were no doubt pleased with the film.


Recently, Ademoye shared behind-the-scenes footage to her Instagram account whilst filming, and in her typical fashion, she made sure to poke fun at herself. On this occasion, the actor revealed her fear of heights while ascending from a ladder at one of the topmost buildings in Isale Eko. The setting of Gangs of Lagos is predominantly in Isale Eko.


She could be seen dramatically wailing while the other cast and crew laughed at her expense. In another video, she shared that she had to do three takes of screaming before perfecting a scene, and it caused her to lose her voice for five days.


Fans of the actor took to the comment section to express their support for her sacrifices and praise her acting abilities.


One commenter said, “I can’t believe I watched this video twice within 24 hours. Yes, I did! I couldn’t get enough of the performances that I’d to rewatch it again. Kudos to all the actors- y’all brought in your A game. Welldone!”


Another said, “You literally screamed the whole CMS down that day. I’m sure they heard you in Iyana-Ipaja. Awesome work @bimboademoye”


That scream was loud enough to wake up the dead and it’s no surprise that she lost her voice for five days.


You have to hand it to actors in the film industry. They dedicate a lot of time, energy, effort, and bodily integrity to their craft. Viewers tend to only see the end result of a film, that is they go to the cinema, watch it and air their views, but actors literally make drastic changes to their lives and sometimes suffer serious bodily damage for the sake of a performance.


A lot of actors, like Ademoye, have revealed the things they had to do to prepare for a role. Tobi Bakare, Ademoye’s co-star in Gangs of Lagos recently revealed that he had to take strong alcohol in order to be Obalola. American actor, Hugh Jackman is set to star in the new Wolverine film and he’s consuming over 8,000 calories a day to get a ripped physique.


It really is interesting to see behind-the-scenes footage of films because you realize that it takes a village to be able to come up with a creative body of work that would appease audiences. So far, Gangs of Lagos has lived up to its hype and if you’ve not seen it, subscribe to Amazon Prime Video and watch it now!


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