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Trouble in Paradise: Who Wants to “Chill with the Big Boys”?

Burna Boy has been tweeting up a storm on his social media and we are all here for the drama. We do not know who angered the ‘African Giant’, but they better watch out!


He quoted a tweet of an alleged Wizkid fan with the words: “… I said this same thing a while ago, but Wizkid Delusional Twitter fc said I was lying. Maybe if your true history was taught in your schools Wizkid would have a smarter Twitter FC instead of idiots like this.”


If we remember correctly, the ‘African Giant’ and Starboy were friends even going as far as calling each other “brothers.” Now, fans speculate that they might have been trouble in paradise as in recent years, Burna Boy has taken to “dissing” Wizkid on social media.



It’s not unusual for him to tweet recklessly so none of his fans are surprised. Instead, they have taken to making jokes out of the situation. Wizkid’s fans however are not amused. One tweeted: “Burna boy does too much for someone that has more deleted tweets than unsampled songs.” Ouch.


People are also accusing him of being jealous of Wizkid. We do not know how feasible these claims are, but we’re excited to see how Burna Boy responds to them.


By the way, he still has not addressed the club shooting allegations.


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