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Unsurprisingly, VeryDarkman Remains Defiant

After just regaining his freedom from police custody in Abuja, one might expect social media critic, Martins Otse, widely known as Verydarkman, to take a temporary retreat from his “activism.”


However, reality proved otherwise.


Famously defiant, the proud Abuja resident wasted no time in reigniting the fiery discourse that led to his recent ordeal.


In a nine-minute-long video on Instagram, he amplified his call for action against Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, based on public same-sex displays of affection.

In his prior confrontation with Bobrisky, VeryDarkMan countered the former with the precision of a seasoned legal expert. He transformed to Femi Falana overnight, citing the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2013, which prohibits within Nigeria, among other things, “public show of same-sex amorous relationships directly or indirectly.”


… hanging out with big boy

He concluded by meticulously laying out video evidence to adduce his claim and bringing a formal petition to the Police Force for the arrest of Bobrisky on such grounds.


Contrary to popular belief, his online duel with Bobrisky was not what earned him days in detention, as clarified by VDM himself. It was the politicians caught in the crossfire; a group whom he accused of hypocrisy and complicity in shielding Bobrisky, albeit without presenting concrete evidence.


“…the truth is that I was detained for the video I made calling for Bobrisky’s arrest and my claims that he was being protected by gay lawmakers. My detention is just a little sacrifice. They will still arrest me for my subsequent videos,” he asserts.


This time, he threatens to adopt crossdressing as a form of protest, challenging the authorities’ stance on the legality of crossdressing in Nigeria.



“…Since the police say cross-dressing is legal, I will soon start cross-dressing. I will give them one week after I drop my petition against Bobrisky. If Bobrisky is not arrested, I will become a crossdresser and use the female restroom.”


While cross-dressing itself is not explicitly illegal as per Nigerian law, and as clarified by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, Force Police Public Relations Officer, the controversy around the subject remains heated. VeryDarkMan’s own acknowledgment of cross-dresser James Brown’s “innocence” adds layers to an already complicated subject.


Yet, the Bobrisky Saga might not be the only thing VeryDarkMan may have to worry about.


Even before his arrest, fans have been concerned that his outspokenness may invite potential defamatory lawsuits, particularly in light of his recent music release, “Don’t Play.”



The song, which he revealed on Mar. 18, can be best described as both a summary of his social commentary and a diss track, which may inevitably lead to civil lawsuits from the individuals or groups mentioned–a list that includes the “Daddy Freezes,” “Carter Efes,” “Yhemo Lees,” and “women who say men cheat but fear DNA tests.”


Even now, VeryDarkMan remains undaunted, confident in his legal defense should the need arise. With a legal battle looming over the interpretations of law versus societal norms, he may soon seek the expertise of fellow legal professional, Lays Wasabi, to bolster his arguments.


In the meantime, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon VeryDarkMan with a flowing gown or a blouse.


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