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Was the Theme of the 2023 Met Gala Really So Hard to Execute?

Hollywood’s favorite, annual, exclusive event, the Met Gala took place a few days ago, and it gathered all the stars in one place to honor the fashion legacy of the late Karl Lagerfeld – the father of fashion. He is known for being the creative director of Chanel who reinvented Chanel from a brand to one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.


This year’s theme was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty and every invitee was asked to dress “in honor of Karl” which meant their ensembles were supposed to pay homage to his signature designs, including the Chanel tweeds and the monochrome colors. Some stars stayed true to Lagerfeld and were on theme while others had us doing a double take, and not in a good way.


Every year, as the fashion critics of the world, we all sit down behind our screens and judge the looks that debut on the red carpet. It would have been easier to do a list of the best-dressed stars at the Mets but Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar,  and E News have already covered that. Instead, this is a mini-round-up of looks that had me (and maybe you) wondering why Vogue’s editor-in-chief and host of the Met Gala, Anna Wintour didn’t just get into her fashion police bag and turn the invitees down upon arrival.


Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X

Singer and rapper Lil Nas X is never afraid to push the boundaries of fashion. Unlike the other men who would settle for the safe option of monochromatic suits on the red carpet, he always tries to be different and has given us a lot of jaw-dropping fashion moments, but this Nina Westervelt look has to be his biggest “WTF” look yet.


Seriously, he needs to be stopped. Lil Nas X is covered in head-to-toe silver glitter (which took about 9 hours to put together) and looks like a walking crystal chandelier or the Tin Man from “Wizard of Oz.” The look was apparently on theme because it’s a nod to Lagerfeld’s pet cat Choupette, but it was not giving what it was supposed to give. I hate to say it but if he wore a monochrome suit with couture lace and crystals, it would’ve been much better than being half-naked. I would give him credit though because he stood out from the rest of his peers.


But, hey, what do I know? I’m not a fashion expert.


Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Wilde’s looks on the red carpet are always sexy but classy. Chloe designed her outfit, and, on the surface, it looks like it’s not on theme, but it’s really a nod to Lagerfeld’s earlier 1983 design which was inspired by a 17th-century craftswoman named Nicola Amati.


The violin-shaped dress is cute, no doubt, but cute is what celebrities wear to award shows like the SAG Awards or the Golden Globes. I expected her to step out of her comfort zone and give us a little more drama like whimsical, otherworldly makeup, a long, couture train, or even a headpiece bejeweled in handcrafted crystals.


If she did, then maybe that fashion faux pas would have never happened. PS: She wore the same dress as Vogue China’s editor Margaret Zhang and it has caused quite the controversy online because this has never really happened in the history of the Met’s.


They both curated the dresses into their own style, but it’s still suspicious how they wore the same dress, by the same designer, and Wintour approved it.


In summary:  Wilde, Don’t Play it Safe, Darling!


 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim always makes a statement on the Met Gala red carpet. Even with all the criticism (last year’s Marilyn Monroe’s outfit) and backlash, she’s a fashion icon whether we want to admit it or not. However, the reality star’s outfit this year was incredibly underwhelming. It lacked depth, creativity and looked like something that was pieced together at the last minute. A bodysuit marinated with pearls and a cape is not what I expected from the reality star and media mogul.


The outfit was a nod to her 2007 Playboy photoshoot which automatically meant that it wasn’t on theme. What part of “a nod to Karl” did she and her array of stylists not comprehend? She didn’t understand the assignment and hopefully next year, she would come through with a look that’s on theme and Met Gala-worthy.


The crystals look is a hard pass.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

What’s happening to the Kardashian-Jenner family on the red carpet? They used to be show-stoppers, but this year it feels like they were not feeling the Met Gala vibe. When it comes to fashion, Kendall is the one that’s always held in the highest esteem because she is an actual model and one of the highest-paid ones in the world. Her looks are always buzz-worthy, and she knows how to make a statement. She made a statement with this Playbunny-esque risqué bodysuit all right, but it wasn’t with the right pen.


While her hair, makeup, minimal jewelry, and thigh-high boots were absolutely stunning, the Marc Jacobs fit missed the Met Gala mark. It looked like an outfit one would wear to a costume party. Kendall always pulls off daring looks, but this is the exception.


Till next year.


Burna Boy

 It’s the African Giant’s first Met Gala and he and his stylist came to play. Burna Boy was dripped in custom Burberry, designed by Ronami Ogulu and Daniel Lee. While he and Tems made history as the first Afrobeats hitmakers to grace the Met Gala red carpet, the chequered outfit is less than historic. Usually, stars make statements at their first Met’s, but Burna’s fit did not speak as much volume as it should have.


First, the glory of the outfit was stolen by three other people on the same red carpet! This one is much worse than the Wilde-Zhang fashion faux pas because how is it possible for three people to wear similar outfits, by the same designer, on the same red carpet? Again, did Wintour even approve of this or did she just clear their outfits because she thought it wasn’t a big deal?

Reportedly, Wintour assesses the outfits of invitees months in advance before they debut them on the red carpet.


Second, it wasn’t on theme. Lagerfeld’s signature colors are white and black, not blue, and black. Regardless, congratulations are in order for the odogwu himself because it’s exceedingly difficult to get an invite to Hollywood’s exclusive event. His presence is a testament to how, slowly but surely, Afrobeats is taking over the world.


Other celebrities that did not live up to the Met Gala expectations were Kylie Jenner whose red Jessica Rabbit-inspired look was so plain and “not Kylie” that I had to check if she really was the one who wore it. Also, she was not on theme, so it was another hard pass. Jenna Ortega’s gothic look paid too much homage to her notable character. Wednesday came out last year and it’s about time she shed that emo-girl personality. I need her to start dressing like herself again. Lastly, Ice Spice’s outfit was too safe. It did not embody her signature, edgy “Princess Diana” persona which was very disappointing.


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