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“A Green Fever” Debuts on Prime Video

The Noir film, set against the 80s backdrop, explores themes of power and corruption
February 26, 2024
7:03 am

In a notable cinematic debut, “A Green Fever” premiered on Prime Video yesterday, Feb. 25.


The film delves into the complexities of familial dynamics and societal tensions against the backdrop of a single night. “A Green Fever” navigates the complexities of power, corruption, amidst the allure of nostalgic 1980s.


Penned by Isaac Ayodeji, produced by Emiola Fagbenle, and directed by Taiwo Egunjobi, “A Green Fever” introduces audiences to a film noir narrative set in the mysterious milieu of 80s-era Ibadan.



The storyline, as succinctly described, follows architect Kunmi and his daughter Ireti, who suffers from a rare medical condition. She goes into shock on their journey through the outskirts of Old Oyo, and the father is forced to find shelter in a peculiar mansion in the middle of nowhere. What happens next in this random night with an unnerving experience?


A Green Fever

The film director, Taiwo Egunjobi shares with TNR the effect he expects the movie to have on its audience: “I hope they’ll be on the edge of their seats wherever they watch it. They should expect to be transported to an intimate and claustrophobic vision of the vibrant yet turbulent world of 1970s-1980s Nigeria.”



Collaboratively produced by Nemsia Films and Sable Productions, “A Green Fever” marks the maiden feature film for both production houses. The film had its world premiere at the 2023 Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF, and this deal with Prime Video, according to Egunjobi, is “… part of putting Nollywood out there, connecting us to new audiences.”


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