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Africa Magic Debuts New Hausa Language Drama Series “Tafiyar”

The Original production from African Magic and Take7Media follows journey of young Fulani woman from rural life to urban Abuja.
April 6, 2024
10:25 am

Africa Magic expanded its lineup of Nigerian language programming with the debut of the new Hausa drama series “Tafiyar” on Friday, March 29, 2024.


Directed by Nana Acheampong and written by Garuba Echobu, “Tafiyar” tells the story of Amina, a middle-aged Fulani woman from rural northern Nigeria who unexpectedly embarks on an extraordinary journey from the bush to the bustling city of Abuja.


The Africa Magic original series, produced by Pever Bem and Take7Media, promises to take viewers along for Amina’s odyssey as she navigates the stark contrasts between her traditional village life and the fast-paced urban center. Billed as a romantic drama, the show will explore themes of love, family, and self-discovery through Amina’s adventures.


Leading the cast of “Tafiyar” are Nadia Dutch and Malu Marik and other stellar cast.


Nadia Dutch

With its Hausa language dialogue, “Tafiyar” represents a new addition to the growing number of African language series being produced by Nigerian studios and networks to reach wider audiences across the continent and diaspora communities abroad.


The premiere episode aired with English subtitles to make “Tafiyar” accessible to non-Hausa speaking viewers as well. Africa Magic has not yet announced the total number of episodes for the series’ first season run.


“Tafiyar” joins other Africa Magic original Hausa dramas like the popular “Kariya” and “Buri” in bringing authentic, diverse stories from northern Nigeria perspectives to the small screen.


Check out the trailer of the series here


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