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African Indigenous Language Film Festival 2024 Calls for Submissions

Filmmakers are invited to celebrate and display the cultural and tourism treasures of Africa by submitting exceptional films in Indigenous languages.
February 15, 2024
10:46 am

The African Indigenous Language Film Festival has announced its call for submissions for the 2024 edition, inviting filmmakers to contribute to the celebration of Africa’s linguistic richness through exceptional films.


The festival aims to highlight the cultural and tourism treasures of the continent, fostering a cinematic exploration of Indigenous languages.


Submissions are encouraged in African Indigenous languages, with the provision of English, French, or Portuguese subtitles to enhance accessibility.


In a bid to offer filmmakers ample time to contribute to this cultural celebration, the deadline for submissions is set for May 2, 2024.


Eligible films include those completed between 2018 and 2024, aligning with the festival’s commitment to contemporary storytelling that captures the essence of Indigenous languages.


The festival emphasizes the importance of linguistic representation in cinema, aiming to create a platform that not only recognizes the diverse cultural heritage embedded in Indigenous languages but also promotes tourism through the lens of filmmaking.


The festival offers a platform for filmmakers to highlight their work and contribute to the promotion of Africa’s diverse linguistic landscape.


Filmmakers interested in submitting their work to the African Indigenous Language Film Festival 2024 can use  the  link for the submission process which can be found here.


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