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BET Africa and Paramount Africa Unveil Royal Drama “Queendom”

BET Africa, in collaboration with Paramount Africa, introduces a captivating drama series, “Queendom,” exploring the complexities of an African royal family’s power dynamics and cultural traditions.
March 13, 2024
1:45 pm

The series centers around a mother and daughter’s relationship within the context of an African royal family, exploring themes of cultural traditions, power struggles, and the roles of women.


“Queendom” promises to delve into the rich cultural heritage and ancestral legacy of African royalty. It will depict customs, rituals, and ancestral connections integral to this world.


The storyline will focus on the lives of the featured queen characters – both within their family dynamics and in their ruling roles. Conflict, drama, and unexpected plot twists are teased.


Specific details about the cast, premiere date, and number of episodes have not been officially announced yet by BET Africa and Paramount Africa.


However, a promotional video featuring interviews with the “Queendom” cast is being used to market the upcoming series release.


“Queendom” represents a new African royal drama offering joining BET Africa’s slate of original scripted series made specifically for audiences across the continent.


More information about this Paramount Africa-produced series is expected to be released by the network ahead of its premiere on the BET Africa channel, DsTV channel 129.


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