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Brymo Accuses Burna Boy of Copyright Infringement, Sparks Music Industry Controversy

Nigerian Singer Brymo Claims Burna Boy ‘Stole’ from Upcoming Album ‘Macabre,’ Alleging ‘City Boys’ and ‘I Told Them’ Were ‘Fed’ to Burna Boy
November 14, 2023
1:17 pm

In a recent twist in the vibrant Nigerian music industry, Brymo, an acclaimed singer, has made serious allegations of copyright infringement against the Afro-fusion sensation Burna Boy.


This contentious issue revolves around Burna Boy’s seventh album, “I Told Them,” which was launched in August, featuring a breakout hit, “City Boys,” that has garnered global recognition.


Venting his grievances via social media, Brymo claimed that both the album title and the chart-topping track had been surreptitiously shared with Burna Boy. In a strongly worded statement, Brymo unequivocally accused Burna Boy of appropriating elements from his forthcoming album, “Macabre,” drawing direct parallels between the two works.


Burna Boy

Highlighting the resemblance between the track titles, Brymo underscored that “City Boys” and “I Told Them” were woven into his own album’s title track, “Macabre,” as integral hooks. He didn’t mince words, categorizing Burna Boy’s actions as tantamount to “an actual crime” and prophesying that the public would ultimately come to acknowledge the alleged infringement.


In a series of incendiary tweets, Brymo also made audacious claims involving Burna Boy, 2Baba, and Davido, alleging that Burna Boy had dispatched individuals to confront him. He further stoked controversy by drawing connections between the use of the number 7 in their works. Brymo tweeted, “2face informed me that the boys who attacked me numbered 7… Burna features ‘7’ in his track title… And I’ve noticed Davido’s video with multiple instances of ‘7’… they’re in cahoots, and they’ve crossed me, a decision they’ll rue forever!”


Brymo’s discontent with Burna Boy extended beyond copyright concerns. In a recent interview with TVC, he unapologetically labelled Burna Boy as an artist devoid of originality in his music, characterizing him as “sleazy,” “cheap,” and “unoriginal.”


This public spat between two prominent figures in the Nigerian music scene has ignited fervent discussions within the industry and among fans. Many are advising Brymo to pursue legal avenues rather than airing his grievances on social media, emphasizing the importance of concrete action to address copyright issues.


On the other hand, there is a prevailing belief that Brymo’s accusations may be strategically timed as a publicity stunt for his upcoming album, scheduled for release in December.


The unfolding developments in this dispute and its potential consequences for both artists remain uncertain. Nevertheless, Brymo’s allegations have unquestionably injected a fresh layer of controversy into Nigeria’s music landscape.


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