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“Joker: The World”: Cameroon-Based Comic Book Publisher Features In DC’s Comic Book Antholog

Zebra Comics is set to contribute to the global interpretations of the iconic villain.
May 6, 2024
7:20 am
Joker - The World - Black Therapy
Joker - The World - Black Therapy

DC Comics announced a new hardcover comic book anthology titled “Joker: The World,” which will present diverse interpretations of the iconic DC villain, “The Joker,” from around the globe.


Scheduled for release on Sept. 17, 2024, the anthology will feature contributions from creative teams worldwide, including a notable inclusion from Zebra Comics, a Cameroon-based comic book publisher.


Zebra’s contribution is titled “Black Therapy,” created by an all-African team of writer Ejob Gaius and artist Bertrand Mbozo’o Zeh.


In an exclusive interview with TNR, Gaius explained that “Black Therapy” focuses on one of the core themes within the story and how it is used in the Cameroonian setting and Africa by extension. “It explains how something so delicate can be used to produce a large-scale effect,” he said.


When asked how the idea of a Black Joker would be received in African countries, Gaius said he understands concerns some may have, seeing it as an unwanted race-swap of a popular character. However, he expressed confidence in their authentic approach that avoids harmful stereotypes about Black people.



“As a Black man myself and a fan of comics and movies, these are not new to me. That’s why we took a different approach with the story. And I can’t wait for everyone to see what we did,” Gaius stated.


Gaius explained that, by staying true to his identity as a Cameroonian and African, it was possible to tell an authentic story without pushing negative stereotypes. “It is known that stories can define the way a people are seen by the world. One of Zebra Comics’ core objectives is to redefine the narrative on Africa. And that’s what we did here too,” he said.


Speaking about being selected by DC, Gaius said, “To be chosen by DC, one of the biggest comic book publishers in the world, is a great honor. Added to the fact that this is the first time, it is just marvelous.”


The anthology aims to provide unique cultural perspectives on one of DC’s most iconic villains from underrepresented voices and backgrounds.


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