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Mati Diop Unveils “Fanta Sy” Film Hub, Pledges to Transform Storytelling

This innovative film hub promises diverse narratives and captivating cinematic experiences.
January 26, 2024
4:03 pm
Mati Diop with American filmmaker Spike Lee

French-Senegalese filmmaker and actress Mati Diop is set to reshape the film industry with the launch of her film hub, “Fanta Sy.”


This innovative platform is dedicated to providing movie enthusiasts with a space that celebrates diverse storylines and beautiful cinematic experiences.


In collaboration with Senegalese filmmaker Fabacary Assymby Coly, Diop establishes “Fanta Sy” with the mission to nurture young talent and cultivate new narratives across Africa. The film hub embarks on an exciting journey with its inaugural film titled “Dahomey,” co-produced with “Les Films du Bal,” a French-based production company founded by Barbet Schroeder and Éric Rohmer.



“Dahomey” explores the story of colonization from France to Benin, breaking away from mainstream conventions to stimulate and inspire audiences with narratives that go beyond the conventional.


Diop, acclaimed for works such as “A Thousand Sums,” “Atlantics,” and “Big In Vietnam,” is well-positioned to lead this groundbreaking initiative. “Fanta Sy” promises to reignite appreciation for cinema, offering a platform for stories that captivate and resonate.


As “Fanta Sy” embarks on this transformative journey, it holds the potential to shape the future of storytelling and contributing to the evolution of cinematic experiences.


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