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Netflix Announces Global Release Date for ‘Ölòtūré The Journey’

The Sequel to the acclaimed 2020 film continues in series format.
June 2, 2024
10:03 pm
'Ölòtūré The Journey
'Ölòtūré The Journey

Netflix has set a global release date of June 28 for the highly anticipated series “Ölòtūré The Journey,” a sequel to the 2020 film “Ölòtūré” produced by Ebony Life Studios.


The new series follows the story of a young Nigerian journalist who goes undercover as a sex worker in Nigeria to expose corruption within the sex trafficking trade. Along her dangerous journey, she finds herself fighting for her life as she navigates her way to Europe.


“Ölòtūré The Journey” boasts an impressive cast lineup, including Sharon Ooja, Omoni Oboli, Beverley Osu, Ikechukwu Onunaku, and Stan Nze.


The original film, “Ölòtūré,” made its debut on Netflix in 2020, garnering critical acclaim for its powerful portrayal of the harrowing reality of human trafficking.


The decision to expand the story into a series format allows for a more in-depth exploration of the complex issues surrounding the illicit trade and its far-reaching consequences.


As the global release date approaches, anticipation is building among audiences eager to witness the continuation of this gripping narrative and the performances of its talented cast.


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